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  1. Jenza

    Can someone explain to me where the buttonset.png is used?

    The one in   img/system/ButtonSet.png I have yet to see where it comes in handy 
  2. Jenza

    Localised sound effects

    Put simply an event that plays a sound, with a loudness variable option so the further you are away from the source event the quieter the sound effect is. Ideally with a variable that can be defined to show how far from the source the sound effect can be heard. I am not sure if something like...
  3. Jenza

    MV better cliff river tiles.

    I have seen a few pictures from older versions where you can just about see some depth to water and rivers. The default A1 is a bit bland and doesn't have much sense of depth to it. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Jenza

    Sprite Scaling

    As mentioned I would like the ability to make a sprite character really really big if this is possible.
  5. Jenza

    On screen D Pad for mobile games

    The mobile version of RPG maker works well for the most part but there are a few situatations where tapping a location on a screen to move there doesn't work well or isnt as interesting as controlling 4 directions. As such I am wondering if it is possible to have an on screen D pad and/or...
  6. Jenza

    Bit of help getting my head around a yanfly plugin

    So by default with the yanfly battle core with the sequence pack 2,  when an actor uses a skill it does the type animation then goes from there which is great for most things and i have figured out how to remove it where need be. Now I have created a special slash skill but by default the...
  7. Jenza

    A.I. ally

    Hopefully fairly simple, I'd like a plugin that sets one of the ally fighters to attack an use skills by itself rather than the player selecting a move for every single ally. Even better, if someone can set behaviours and events into it. i.e. main character's health goes to low, shows a...
  8. Jenza

    Tutorial Battle automated menu

    I want to create a battle tutorial that will use predefined actions by automatically selecting items slowly in the batte menu. (think that old guy in pokemon showing you how to use a pokeball) So the idea is that message happens. without the player being able to select items, the menu selects...
  9. Jenza

    Battle background not appearing.

    So I was trying to create a tutorial battle so used the  Battle Processing : xyz and assigned a troop, only thing is that there is no background when I did indeed set the background in the troop setting, it just appears like this any help would be appreciated.

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