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  1. tzamis

    Single face of SF_MadDoctor

    Resource Type: Face Maker Format: MV Art Style: Doesn't really matter, as long as it resembles the face of the battler. Description: Just a single face, with a sinister look if possible, similar to the one found in the battler's image. Reference Images: Search for the enemy SF_MadDoctor in...
  2. tzamis

    [SOLVED] Big Confusion with simple code snippet for MV

    I'm pretty new to JS, but I usually manage to pull off small variations to the default gameplay, by using some basic, non-complex scripting. Normally I have no trouble at all, but this time it seems that I hit a dead end. What I want to achieve : Actor X gets afflicted by a State. At the moment...
  3. tzamis

    Script for enemy to avoid targeting a state afflicted actor, using YEP Target Core.

    First, let me say that my scripting skills are close to zero. I have two enemies (in the same troop) that use a "targeting" ability to set a state which increases the Target Rate of the inflicted actor, in order to perform their next attack on him. My problem is, that once the first state has...
  4. tzamis

    Battle log history plugin?

    I made a quick search and to my surprise I found nothing related to viewing past battle events during a battle. A lot of games, e.g. Hearthstone, utilize a log history system, providing the player the opportunity to keep track of what has happened in the last few turns. I think that something...
  5. tzamis

    Yanfly's STB System : Possible workarounds for Force Action & Action Times+ ?

    Hello RMMV Community! I'm pretty new in the world of RPG Maker, owning the software less than 3 months. One of the first things I did for my current project was to change the default battle system with Yanfly's STB, as it suited perfectly what I was looking for : Instant turn actions that...
  6. tzamis

    Show Text when a specific state is resisted during battle

    Dear RM Community, I have a boss which is immune to a specific state (taunt). This was accomplished, obviously, through a trait. My problem here is that every time an actor fails to apply the state effect, there is no notification of the enemy's resistance. Not a single pop up text. The only...
  7. tzamis

    Multitarget ability to hit only once vs a single enemy.

    Hello fellow RPG Makers. I'm pretty new in the world of RPG Maker MV, messing around with all its possibilites and love the freedom it provides when paired with all the plugins out there. As the title states I have made an ability that hits two random enemies. My problem is that when my party...

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