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  1. MikaTeapot

    [SOLVED] Yanfly item synthesis - adding item preview

    Hello! I am trying to do one simple thing, change the default crafting menu - In to one that has a preview of the items stats in database, like this (Ignore that it's a hat not a bow :D) - There is item stat variance, but the little preview just needs to show the database default amount...
  2. MikaTeapot

    [SOLVED]Adding state info to Libra skill

    Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me with upgrading Yanflys Libra. At present I have this; <Before Eval> if (target.isEnemy()) { var id = target._enemyId; var evatot = target.eva * 100 var critot = target.cri * 100 var hittot = target.hit * 100 var text = + '\n'...

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