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  1. Sophism

    Help with performance issues! (Demo provided)

    I'm feeling pretty bummed right now... my project's main hub map has severe performance issues during night time, when all its light sources are turned on. I've combed through the map several times doing optimization passes, but there's only so much I can remove before it starts detracting from...
  2. Sophism

    [ACE] Increasing performance on a big map.

    I'm looking for some help with a performance issue. My game takes place entirely within a mansion's grounds, and as such, the main hub that interconnects the manor, servant's house, garden, parking lot, family crypt, hedge maze (And the greenhouse, which I haven't finished yet.) needed to be...
  3. Sophism

    Setting Parallax's X and Y Origin Point

    So here's the scenario: My project has a pretty large map as its main hub  - 180 x 120 - and as one of its landmarks, I have this relatively small pond that I wish to have animated, transparent water and reflect sprites. I've already created a layered version from various snapshots, and...

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