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  1. ash55

    Cartoon / Alien Project (Custom Art and Battle system)

    Hey, sorry I haven't posted here in a while. I've been sort of addicted to Overwatch and a bit stuck on what to progress on next for a month or two. Thanks for the recent comments, some of the community feedback is part of what pushes me to keep on developing, and I hope some of my feedback on...
  2. ash55

    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    @Nova Looks very pokemon-esque. My only suggestion would perhaps be to use outlines other than black. So for the roof, use a dark red outline, for the tree, dark green, for the wood, dark brown. I think it'd look nicer and also make the black-outlined character stand out against the colour...
  3. ash55

    Cartoon / Alien Project (Custom Art and Battle system)

    Hello! I haven't updated this thread in a while so I thought I'd do that now. I'm currently working on fleshing out the city. Adding new maps, new features etc. - I've created new maps for new sections of the city (to the east and below in an underground tunnel) - A new mini-game based on...
  4. ash55

    Wanda - A Beautiful Apocalypse (Available now!)

    Just listened to the music. Sounds epic @David Lister
  5. ash55

    Why do RPGs use "Strength" to denote attack power?

    It's because that's what people identify with. Realism isn't as important as intuitiveness. Meeting player expectations is super important. Most people will assume that more strength means more power while more dexterity means more accuracy and chance for critical hits. It makes intuitive sense...
  6. ash55

    What makes minigames fun for you?

    I think FF8's minigame was done brilliantly. It tied the card game into the core of the game because you could convert cards into materials. Often really valuable materials that can be used to craft your ultimate weapon. It also helped that it was just a fun game to play. So I'd say a link to...
  7. ash55

    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    @LusianL That looks like a blast from the past. Looks like it could have easily been a SNES game. I made a minigame for street vendors to play with you (to fill out my city with varied NPC interactions). Here's a shot and vid:
  8. ash55

    What interesting skills have you used or seen?

    @Snayff Sensible issue raised. You don't get like 999 units of Battery though. You get 7, and that's your maximum. The Regen skill costs 3 Battery I believe. It also costs 1 Battery to summon a Droid, and your Droid drains your Battery by 1 each turn. That adds up pretty quick. Another important...
  9. ash55

    What interesting skills have you used or seen?

    I like to have passives that add a bit of risk/reward thought to existing skills. So for example I have 2 heal skills, a big Heal and a small Regen that drains your battery. I made it so Regen has no Battery cost to use if you're low on health. So every time you're on the brink of death, you...
  10. ash55

    Globe-shaped world map

    Maybe you could do something like this? Make a black Picture with a hole cut out (and stars). And an inner glow of darkness and maybe a bright highlight in the upper left corner to make it look like everything below the whole is the surface of a sphere. You could have the Picture...
  11. ash55

    Nail-Saga RPG (Website Translation + New screenshot )

    Phenomenal art. I remember seeing this before I signed up here and struggled to find it again. Just wanted to say this is epic.
  12. ash55

    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    @Bura Epic. Love the warm colour scheme. Is this in the past?
  13. ash55

    Replicating Mechanics From Other Games : How much is too much?

    I wouldn't worry about taking inspiration. It's inevitable. Lots of concepts that have stood the test of time and become popular have usually survived for good reason. Just make sure that you're not just trying to recreate something that already exists wholecloth. If you like FF7's battle...
  14. ash55

    'Types' Discussion

    I remember FFXI (MMO) had exactly the same different physical elements. Blunt (Hammers, Clubs, Fists), Piercing (Arrows, Lances, Daggers) and Slashing (Swords, Great Swords, Scythes, Katana). As a White Mage or Monk, you did a lot of damage to ceramic Pot enemies with warhammers and your Fist...
  15. ash55

    Cartoon / Alien Project (Custom Art and Battle system)

    Hey guys. I mentioned Arcade mini-games in my post but didn't show anything more. Here's a little preview of one I made in a couple hours:  Obviously it's unfinished since the victory/defeat message is just a line of text rather than a suitable screen... but this should give an...
  16. ash55

    Large or Small Maps

    To echo what others have said, the question isn't entirely relevant. It's not about how large or small it is, but how dense it is with stuff to do. Walking through a vast game might seem like a selling point, but not if there's very little content in that space. The size of your maps is really...
  17. ash55

    Games with Generic Heroes

    There are plenty of games that don't require a story, or the story is simply YOUR story as you explore, unscripted, through the game world and its mechanics. Look at Hearthstone. That is essentially an RPG. It has progression and a RPG-esque battle system (since RPGs are largely similar to...
  18. ash55

    Gating skills by Cooldown

    1) With cooldowns, the resource's state doesn't usually persist between battles, so you don't need to think ahead about future battles. Whereas in most games with MP, if you use up 50% of your mana, you'll have to deal with having 50% of your mana missing in the next battle. Not necessarily a...
  19. ash55

    Room randomisation

    I wrote a reply on reddit with suggestions on how it can be done. Basically it involves learn how variables work and how you can change stuff depending on the value of a variable.
  20. ash55

    Infinity Tower - DEMO Available!

    Looks cool.  :D  More action-oriented mechanics. And it's a subtle thing but I like how each character has their own colourscheme, that sort of thing works really well in games especially.

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