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  1. Winek

    RMMV Special/Free Targeting

    Hello! I'm looking for a way to implement a sort of special targeting that allows you to use skills in different ways. First, I'll explain what I want specifically. I'm going to have a sort of row system, but without a row plugin; it'll use saved variables to tell which battler can be hit, and...
  2. Winek

    Alternatives to death state

    Alright, here's the gyst: I want my characters to be able to continue acting when they're dead. If all members are dead, that's when the battle is lost. It seems state one is heavily hard coded to be a death state. Is there any way to play around that? Either to allow acting through death...
  3. Winek

    Get ID of two events at the same location?

    Thread. I've tried placing two events at the same place, then getting the ID of the event, using $gameMap.eventIdXy(x, y), but it's always returning the lowest event ID. Does anyone have any solution concerning this? Another method, something alternative? And yes, I need to have two overlapping...
  4. Winek

    Advanced AI Plugin (Grid-Like System)

    Hey everyone! I'd like to request help in either doing or finding a plugin that would allow me to do something such as manually selecting targets and skills ID when making up the enemy's AI. Right now, the best I've got is Yanfly's Battle AI Core, but it sadly isn't what I'm looking for. I've...
  5. Winek

    How to set home position of battler sprites?

    Hello! I'm not 100% sure if it's exactly here I must post, but it's for RPG Maker MV, so I'll assume that it is. Basically, what I want to do is to be able to edit the position of battlers in-game. I have most gameplay elements and whatnot that I have ready for all that stuff, but all I need is...
  6. Winek

    Checking if Party Member x has State y

    Hey everyone! So basically I'm making something where it needs to check if each party member has a certain state, and do stuff after. I can't use the If Actor x has State y because there are a few thousands of them. So basically what I did is to store the 6 party member's Actor ID in a variable...
  7. Winek

    Getting the actor ID

    Ok so basically, I'm using Yanfly's extra parameter plugin, so in all I can make formulas for growth. What I want is that specific stats will be based on a variable stocked at the same value as the actor's ID, so for example an actor with the ID of 100 would have a certain number in the ID 100...
  8. Winek

    Some help with Yanfly's Buff and State Core

    Hey, I think it's the proper place to post (not sure since I'm new here) but I'd need help for a lunatic mode of the said plugin. Basically, I want to make a skill that give a poison to an enemy. If the enemy bear the poison as they die, a random foe will be chosen and given the state as well...

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