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  1. YEP: Action Sequence Packs not Working after BattleEngineCore Update

    Hello there, to use some other new Scripts I need to update Yanfly's BattleEngineCore. However, as soon as I do just that, all the Action Sequence Scripts stop working (I did a lot with those Action Sequences so they probably get called all the time). The Error appears whenever a battle is...
  2. MV Generator - Can't load/save jsons

    My problem in itself is pretty simple: When I try to open one of my Generator Json files  it works as intended in the beginning. I get the same directory as always and my jsons are still getting shown in there. However, if  I want to "open" it the window just disappears and nothing...
  3. Sideview Battle - Enemies on top of Actors

    Problem: I have some monsters who are moving close to your characters when attacking. Example: Spider jumping onto the actor (did that with yanflys action sequence plugins) The enemys body however always remains on a layer below the character, so it looks kind of stupid when that enemy...
  4. Walk Behind Buildings/Walls

    So first of I know about the * but just copying outdoor- or building-tiles into B,C... and set them to * doesn't work because of how those tiles are made. I also know about parallax mapping but that seems like a total overkill in terms of work for such a basic thing. What I want is simply...
  5. Help Gamewindow width

    So I'm pretty much a rpg maker noob and for a while now when i start my game the window gets a little wider right after it starts (different resoultion) and i have no idea why it does that. I didn't have a problem with that until now but i can't get some light scripts to work now since the...

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