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  1. autodidact

    RMMV How do I Refresh Custom Windows

    Hello, I am trying to work on making multiple windows for a HUD display. It works to display the windows and images, but only one of the windows will update (the last one). I can't for the life of me figure out why only one of my windows will update when every other window in the map scene...
  2. autodidact

    Tool for Combining Tileset Assets?

    Hello, I have made many maps with the default tilesets, and even edited a few tiles into the existing sheets. But for me, Gimp isn't really great for combining all one's assets one copy-and-paste tile at a time into a tileset. Is there a program that any of you use that is good for combining...
  3. autodidact

    A1 tile to C tile issue

    Hi, I haven't delved much into adjusting tilesets yet. But I am wondering why this doesn't look as smooth as it should. I have altered one of the A1 tiles to make my beach look a little better. I know this is for animation, so I edited and copied the below "sand tile" to a C1 tileset, leaving...
  4. autodidact

    RMMV Close menu screen with gamepad start button

    Hello, A long while ago, I found out RPG MV games could be played with a controller and I thought, "Wow, that sounds really cool!" Then, I tried it out and found how limited that feature is. Well, I have managed to implement the d-pad, right joy stick, and joy stick button presses to do stuff...
  5. autodidact

    Parsing Data in Notes field

    Hello, I have been trying to get this JS script just right, but my research and extremely limited regex experience is not helping. It is very easy to use RPG's meta field, unfortunately my tags do not allow me to utilize the "meta" property since they use the same key name. These are the tags...

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