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  1. pamoire

    Thank you very much! :kaothx:

    Thank you very much! :kaothx:
  2. pamoire

    FREE [HELP WANTED - All Positions] Chronicles of Orbis: Within These Walls

    I'm sorry I don't have much samples of men and especially facesets but here are some in different styles
  3. pamoire

    Rules Ideas That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread

    @Finnuval I really like your origin of elements concept, it makes so much sense and feels so satisfying haha but I guess, personally, my main concern is that there's too many terms used and the formula 'created' is very overused (but I realize this could still be just a vague flowchart and you...
  4. pamoire

    Richard's 3D Art

    Wow, they look amazing! Keep up the good work!
  5. pamoire

    Say "Hello" in your language

    Hi Kamusta
  6. pamoire

    Your Favourite Anime (can be more than one)

    Kekkai Sensen [Blood Blockade Battlefront] I just love the characters of this show and how everything's just over the top crazy chaos, it's hilarious. The music, animation and art style is everything for me.
  7. pamoire

    Random Art Thread

    Doodle of a necromancer character
  8. pamoire

    RMMV Business sim in MV

    This sounds intriguing. Reminds me of Moonlighter which was all about stocking your shop, though for me personally I wish the world had been bigger that's why I'm really interested in your idea of having multiple branches.
  9. pamoire

    FREE [HELP WANTED - All Positions] Chronicles of Orbis: Within These Walls

    This sounds really interesting! I like characters that have an air of secrecy to them and need to stay inconspicuous. I applied with a few samples of my work, I don't have a lot of experience with game art but I'd love to help out!
  10. pamoire

    Story of your life - What's your biggest regret?

    Let someone who bullied me in high school influence my choice course in college out of fear of meeting them again ._.)
  11. pamoire

    Random Art Thread

    Hi everyone! Working on a free sprite in my spare time.
  12. pamoire

    I'm 22 and still live with parents

    I'm 25 and I moved out my parents home last year. I graduated from a pricey art school a couple years ago and got into the animation industry here in my country. They paid me around $200 a month (converted from my currency) which seriously got me worried about my future. I stayed in that company...
  13. pamoire

    What is your art style?

    @KayZaman Yeah, but it takes me HOURS so trying to do sumtin faster lol :kaoswt2: Nice animation, and I saw dat smile :guffaw:
  14. pamoire

    Favorite level design or mapping in a video game

    Like Lantiz, I love open world maps wherein you can discover secret areas which contain a jumping puzzle or challenge to reach a beautiful view or treasure trove. That makes you feel like an ace explorer :kaopride: I experienced those in mmos like guildwars2 and ff14. I love when a game rewards...
  15. pamoire

    Figuring stuff out

    Figuring stuff out
  16. pamoire

    What is your art style?

    I'm still trying to find a style I'm happy with and can do faster but currently I do painterly style
  17. pamoire

    Character Portrait Request

    Hey there! here's what I came up with for the red head
  18. pamoire

    What's the WORST advice you can give as a game developer?

    When you suddenly get hit by those moments of inspiration and think up of really cool stuff for your game, DO NOT write it down immediately. I'm sure you'll be able to remember it later..... ;_;  
  19. pamoire

    What are the Best games you all have played?

    Story, characters, lore and art are my usual top factors in picking games. I tend to overlook the shortcomings of the gameplay when I'm too drunk on love with what I mentioned haha. Final Fantasy 9 will always have a special place in my heart. I still cry every time at the ending. Tactics...
  20. pamoire

    Favorite Setting?

    I like fantasy, preferably dark fantasy and dystopian settings. I really liked the world map of Dark souls 1, which had beautiful infrastructures and was in a single contained area (not really a vast world) but each section within connected so well with each other and it was very well thought...

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