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  1. Tiamat-86

    anyone else have dreams of game that pretty sure dont exist?

    just had a dream of a game that would be best described as starhawk gameplay and base building meets future cop LAPD's multiplayer ai units and king of the hill mechanics. with 2 element types/resistances (physical/energy weapons and turrets) 1-4 player
  2. Tiamat-86

    Edit request Code: yanfly item synthesis: formula check

    Item Synthesis Link I'd like item/weapon/armor note tag note tag runs an if formula check when crafting v[V] + Math.randomInt(100) >== X ? pass, instead synthesis item Y : fails, does normal synthesis V being your crafting skill as a variable X being item difficulty level Y being the item's...
  3. Tiamat-86

    yanfly battle engine core update problem

    just grabbed the latest plugin updates. i narrowed down the issue to Battle Engine Core the issue is outside of battle, states no longer update turn count from the stepsForTurn
  4. Tiamat-86

    Passive Condition outside battle+state affected yanflys DoT formulas dont work while outside battle, just the way its made. its even in the update notes. so im trying to make a work around so while in battle it will use the formula but outside battle a secondary poison state will...
  5. Tiamat-86

    Change Steps per Turn/DoT tick

    im finding that 30 steps per turn update for DoT and cooldowns is to many steps is there any way i can change this to 10 steps? Edit if you think this will require a plugin and a map note tag could you move this to plugin request please
  6. Tiamat-86

    DQ11 in just a couple more days!!

    been waiting a long time for this to come to NA and its almost here. anyone else getting as antsy as i am?
  7. Tiamat-86

    How do i fix this event sparkle?

    no matter what i try the !flame sparkle is playing the 3 sprites to the left of the 1 i have selected. im trying to have it play the selected 1 and the 2 to the right of it
  8. Tiamat-86

    is it possible to use variable as crafting material? im using 2 currencies im my game. i was wondering if i could use my residuum currency variable as a crafting material instead of gold?
  9. Tiamat-86

    <custom requirement> alive allies help need a code so skill is only usable when have at least 1 other ally alive. <Custom Requirement> if ( what goes here? ) { value = true; } else { value = false; } </Custom Requirement>
  10. Tiamat-86

    Use to learn system

    ex. FF6 Espers, FF9 Skills I want something where. Character has item equipped, character gains AP from enemies for (X)skill. Gain (Y) amount AP character learns skill (X). (or) it's Cursed Armor - change items stats
  11. Tiamat-86

    FF series Ultima Weapon?

    how do i make a weapon that has a atk based on the users current HP. i want it to be like 1atk for every 50HP current HP. so when get it and you're only lv30 its max atk power isnt as high as when ur lv 60 using it with more current/max HP
  12. Tiamat-86

    Yanfly Icon Generator: Tone

    if possible could get an upgrade for icon generator to change White/Grey/Black balance? the hue control is great just missing a little something. cant get those silver/metallic shades
  13. Tiamat-86

    yanfly absorption barrier not working

    not matter what note tag i try the skill does nothing.
  14. Tiamat-86

    how do i script add state if actor is class

    i have all yanfly plugins (almost only yanfly plugins) this would probably only apply to Buff/State core + auto passive states + skill equip example: actorX is class: (14)White Mage learn skill: Auto-Regen need either skill or state note tag (state would be <Passive State: 96>WhmCheck) to add...
  15. Tiamat-86

    Script code help.

    yanfly's buff/state core + auto passive states State Note Tag <Custom Battle Effect> code code </Custom Battle Effect> need code for check if actor is class x; true add state y in this example X = White Mage Y = Auto-Regen and this note tag is in <Passive State: Z> all other classes use...
  16. Tiamat-86

    Where would I post for lunatic script help?

    title says it all. need lunatic note tag for skill passive state if actor class x add passive state y <equip state: y> so its auto passive state when on class x but other classes on same character need to equip it dont know where to post for lunatic script help
  17. Tiamat-86

    Auto Passive State being applied when it shouldn't

    Class: White Mage only class with Skill Type: White Magic Skill: Auto-Regen Type: White Magic <passive state: 47> state 47: regen for some reason everyone that knows this skill is getting the passive state even when they r not on whitemage i cant figure out any way to turn that off...
  18. Tiamat-86

    yanfly plugin page not found and don't know where else can download it
  19. Tiamat-86

    yanfly damage core crashing my game

    this was fine yesterday damage core has everything set at default its only there so i could use x_critical control now at the end of 1 combat turn i get Failed to execute 'createLinearGradient' on 'CanvasRenderingContext2D': float parameter 3 is non-finite i have no idea what going on. this...

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