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  1. Momonica

    Ideas for making the battle system a little less boring?

    I'm currently stuck with no idea how to make progress in my game (I blame the stress from school), but there's something that has been bothering me. How to make the battles less boring and more fun? To engage the player into the narrative of the game and not just another rpg you see everyday...
  2. Momonica

    Help with sprite scaling (mv)

    I'm trying to make me and my friends in rpg maker (just for fun) and decided to draw pixel art for the first time in my life. It was cute and fun until I tried to open rpg maker mv to test it and... Why is it so small??? Like, I know mv style is chibi but how do I make the sprite bigger...
  3. Momonica

    Be honest: would you play a rpg maker 2k3 game?

    So, I have a project of my own and have no intention of stoping development, but I have a question for the community. The first rpg maker engine i got was 2k3 early this year, I wanted to get this one because i didn't know if i was indeed going to make a game and was curious more than anything...
  4. Momonica

    Map file was deleted

    I was messing with a new plugin in my project. It was difficult with a lot of try and error but when I finally did it in my playtest this happened: Now before you go thinking "oh no its another one of those who accidentaly deleted a file and don't know what to do" I didn't even mess with this...
  5. Momonica

    The chimney disappears in the playtest.

    I put chimneys on all my houses but if they are in this roof tile (the one in the screenshots) they disappear in the playtest: Does anybody know why this happens? I hope it isn't this tile because i would have to remake the house, but then again I can't have the blacksmith house have no...
  6. Momonica

    Newbie here, tips for footstep sounds?

    Hey guys, I'm currently working on a project and I wanted some advice regarding the sound design. It's no secret how important the sounds and the music are in a game, but I have found myself confused as to how I implement footstep sounds on my characters, even watching a tutorial video didn't...

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