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  1. Krad1213

    How to host on Web?

    I have on idea what I'm doing and I would love some help. I want to be able to update the game since I'm wanting to Host it for my Beta-Testers. Help please?
  2. Krad1213

    Need help with Events/scripts

    Need help getting a event to work. If the Player has a gun with ammo I need a little bullet to fly in the direction their facing and to strike a switch/enemy. Similar issues with wanting to have the player throw/set a bomb that can damage items and have greater effect on enemies than the...
  3. Krad1213


    Wondering what a destroyed/apocalyptic modern MV city would look like... Any Ideas or examples?
  4. Krad1213

    First Fantasy

    First Fantasy Working title Put on side till further notice due to complications. Plot Features +Secrets Images of Characters Hurvak -...
  5. Krad1213


    God. I've been jumping on and off this site. But Finally I can sit down and stay. I find it so hard to post about my game when I have little to no knowledge what I'm doing. I keep shaking as I muddle through the start of my two little projects and I want to post about them but I find it so nerve...
  6. Krad1213

    Exclude a battler?

    How do you exclude a battler from every battle? Without removing him from the party as he's the main actor. Also if someone could tell me how to make it so the number of party members can be limited that would be great. As in 3 party members can join the main character but there are 5 party...

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