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  1. Tabuu Forte Akugun

    Super Smash Bros. Feud - Sound Test remembers last song and updates

    Hi everyone. Tabuu here! I would like to present to you, the Super Smash Bros. Feud fan-game!       This project is being developed almost entirely in custom RGSS3 code by yours truly. Now, I know what you're thinking: A Smash fan-game as a first public project? Is this guy out of his mind...
  2. Tabuu Forte Akugun

    Tabuu joins the Makers.

    Hi, everyone. Nice to meet you! I'm Tabuu, an avid RPG Maker VX Ace user. I'm working on a Smash fan-game in Ace (currently waiting for my topic to be approved). I'm having a blast challenging myself, and so far so good. I mostly joined the board to acquaint myself with more RM users and show...

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