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  1. Ninjypuppy

    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    Got around to mapping again after months of not doing it. Thinking of moving the green mountain range down a tile or two to help with the open space a bit. World Hub map btw.
  2. Ninjypuppy

    Ignis Smooth Camera Slide

    Oh wow, this would definitely be useful for making cutscenes flow better. Thanks for sharing! You did a great job!
  3. Ninjypuppy

    Best place to start learning JavaScript and RMMV scripting?

    So essentially, get some knowledge on javascript first, then watch these tutorials? EDIT: I just read what you said. He teaches some basics first. Got it. Never a bad idea to go over basics like how variables are declared in javascript. (The way it's done in java is different than the way it's...
  4. Ninjypuppy

    Best place to start learning JavaScript and RMMV scripting?

    I'd like to get into scripting to hopefully be able to code my own features into my games in the future. That's a long ways off and my main goal is to get some plugins from other creators working with my project. I've tried asking for help in the plugins' respective thread and the plugin support...
  5. Ninjypuppy

    VE_Enemy Skills and Moogle_X_EquipmentLearning plugin help

    Okay, so I'm having issues getting VE_EnemySkills to works and I have a few compatibility issues with MOOGLE_X_EquipmentLearning that I'd like to see if I can get some help with. VE_EnemySkills Ok, the Enemy Skills plugin by Victor hasn't been updated since release back in 2016. With the way...
  6. Ninjypuppy

    Equipment Learning

    Hey moogle, I know this thread is a little old and I'm probably just plain out of luck with this because of compatibility issues, but do you know of a way I could still use Yanfly's Equip Core and this plugin together? I have this plugin below equip core and it still causes issues when I go to...
  7. Ninjypuppy

    VE - Enemy Skills

    Hey, I know this thread is kinda old, but I'm having issues getting the observe condition to work when it is on a state. I've tried it on the actor and the state and observing skills just doesn't get them learned. The hit condition works fine but the observe doesn't. My code: <learn enemy...
  8. Ninjypuppy

    Pre-made (Yanfly's) Action Sequence Sharing and Discussions

    This is weird. I have everything working except the camera stuff. Am I missing something?
  9. Ninjypuppy

    Luxray's tips and tricks

    Hello there! I'm here to bring you some (hopefully) useful tips and tricks that might help you guys on your way to making your games. I don't know much of what else to say so I'll just go right into the tips and tricks. Actually, before that, if you guys have any tips and tricks you can add to...
  10. Ninjypuppy

    Woo. Gonna be getting back to not procrastinating and working on Chrondania hopefully tomorrow...

    Woo. Gonna be getting back to not procrastinating and working on Chrondania hopefully tomorrow. YAY......
  11. Ninjypuppy

    Increasing/decreasing elemental atk/def

    Oh, ok. Thank you!
  12. Ninjypuppy

    Increasing/decreasing elemental atk/def

    I'm not talking about the general damage when an element is applied. For example, let's say I have a physical attack skill with the fire element and I want to have a state that takes the fire damage down by 25% but now the physical or overall damage. Should've elaborated on that sorry.
  13. Ninjypuppy

    Increasing/decreasing elemental atk/def

    I know how to decrease elemental defense in states but I have no idea how to increase defense against elements and increase/decrease your damage with a particular element within a state. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read.
  14. Ninjypuppy

    Building a Players' Bill of Rights for RPG Maker

    This one is a personal one because I had someone literally ask me how much their first (and very ill prepared) game should cost. Luckily, all I said was what I'm contributing as #29 so here it is #29. GET SOME EXPERIENCE AND RESEARCH UNDER YOUR BELT BEFORE EVEN THINKING ABOUT GOING...
  15. Ninjypuppy

    Pre-made (Yanfly's) Action Sequence Sharing and Discussions

    Hey can someone help me? I'm new to using action sequences and I feel like there's a bit too much for what I need here. Any improvements/suggestions for me? <setup action> hide battle hud move user: target, front center, 30 wait for movement immortal: targets, true </setup...
  16. Ninjypuppy

    Problems making a debuff that slows speed in Yanflys ATB plugin

    No matter what tags I put in, the speed of the ATB Gauge never changes. I want to make a debuff that decreases speed of ATB guages by 50% for context or something. Any help is appreciated. Thank you for reading!
  17. Ninjypuppy

    Any fixes for Character Gen. bug yet?

    That's the thing though. I went to the betas earlier and it said that there were no betas.
  18. Ninjypuppy

    Any fixes for Character Gen. bug yet?

    I'm about half way through of recreating all of the characters that I have so there isn't much point to do that at this point. Plus anyway, I don't know how.
  19. Ninjypuppy

    Any fixes for Character Gen. bug yet?

    Okay, so my old .json files for my characters aren't loading in the character Generator and I'm not having much luck finding any solutions to the problem at the moment so does anybody have any solutions or ideas? I need to get this fixed asap.
  20. Ninjypuppy

    Black screen when trying to playtest

    I already updated it before I got the new PC with all of my plugins in and i followed instructions. On top of that, reinstalling my plugins didn't solve the problem I might try and copy my files to a new project and see if that works Strangely my libs folder was emptied too, along with a...

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