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  1. I made the corrections to my post.

    I made the corrections to my post.
  2. RMMV Pretender of Drenthe

    Synopsis: The Commonwealth of Drenthe was, for many years, a minor nation with no real power to speak of. But all that changed when islands with exotic spices and animals were discovered in the southern hemisphere. All the trade routes passed by Drenthe and the commonwealth quickly found its...
  3. RMMV Basic game test

    I didn't really think about that. The stats were one of the things I didn't mess around with much. Understood. Fixed. I had the idea of separating physical status effects (such as poison) from mental ones (like confuse). It's not something that I'd seen anywhere else, but that might be for...
  4. RMMV Basic game test

    About a month ago I purchased RPG Maker MV when it was on sale on Steam. I futzed around with the platform since then, just to try and get a hold on the basics of the system. Today, I did enough to think I need to get some feedback. It's not a finished or completed game, by any standards, nor...

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I think it's ready - Chapter Selection:
On another more gaming topic, I paid 20 bucks for a visual novel to emotionally destroy me. I may write an entry about that.
Reading about metaverses recently. I can totally imagine myself in the future, logging in with VR glasses to a virtual beach villa sitting in a virtual chair, with a virtual laptop facing the sea...coding 16-bit RM.
Mod name: "[Game name] Gameplay Overhaul"
What they actually mean: "Here is a mod that makes the game harder."
I decided to reinstall one of my most favourite game of all times, Gothic 2. Time to get back to Khorinis!

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