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  1. Ammunition System & Add-on (Crafting System)

    good news everyone! your plugin update seems to have fixed it. I tried Yan's first, but that didn't help on it's own. Hurray! (i'll have to do more bugtesting to see if i run into other issues now.. lol) It is also now working properly again with Bobstah's command list plugin! (Main command window)
  2. Ammunition System & Add-on (Crafting System)

    Sorry, I've gotten super busy lately.. Barely enough time to get on my computer. I'll upload it for you as soon as I can.
  3. Ammunition System & Add-on (Crafting System)

    Sorry for double posting, but I didn't want to edit my post after basically 2 days. I ran into that issue where the ammo doesn't update until I defend. Even using the skill in a subcommand window instead of on the main command window. It's as if your mod isn't removing the ammo properly because...
  4. Ammunition System & Add-on (Crafting System)

    Yes, that was me that asked for that =) I know what you mean though about using the help window. I tried using that before, and it didn't always fit in well. I was mainly bringing this up because if other people prefer to use the command menu ammo count like I am, they would run into my issue.
  5. Ammunition System & Add-on (Crafting System)

    "normal" ammo window? My weapon is what swaps out my skill On my class: <Battle Commands> WeaponCmd ActorCmd Items Guard </Battle Commands> on my weapon Bow: <Battle Commands> Skill:16 </Battle Commands> on skill 16: "Shoot" <Ammo 9 Equip: 1> <Ammo 10 Equip: 1>
  6. Ammunition System & Add-on (Crafting System)

    really? that's strange... But yes, that is what I mean, the [X].. It does not seem to like updating until I use Guard with that proper unit using Yan's.. It's possible I'm only having problems because of all three running at once.. I have bob's replacing Attack with a skill called "Shoot"...
  7. Ammunition System & Add-on (Crafting System)

    I downloaded it after i saw your " EDIT: Made some updates, look at the main topic." edit. Was that also bugged? Edit: Oh I see. that could be related to it yes. I will try it now. Edit 2: Alright, that fixes most of the problem. The other problem is apparently another compatibility issue...
  8. Ammunition System & Add-on (Crafting System)

    I disabled every mod except yours now, and I'm still running into issues. Your mod detects my gear, but as soon as I use the skill, it no longer detects I have any.. Edit: It is unequipping the equipped equipment instead of deleting an unequipped copy? How are we supposed to make ammo types...
  9. Ammunition System & Add-on (Crafting System)

    I am, yes. Yanfly's ATB as well as most of his plugins, in the order he recommends. I have this plugin above Yan's Skill cooldown, but below Bobstah's command list plugin, like your instructions said to do. I have no independant items whatsoever (which i am aware you fixed regardless) Edit: We...
  10. Ammunition System & Add-on (Crafting System)

    exactly one space yes. The skills are not usable without the declared ammo types. I would assume it's finding the ammo types properly, but just not subtracting.
  11. TileD Plugin (Version 1.3.0+ Released)

    Animated tiles might be easier to do if  animated Gif support is implemented into the Tileloader. Just a thought. Note I am not referring to auto-tiles. Just tiles that animate.
  12. Ammunition System & Add-on (Crafting System)

    My Not-Independant armorID ammos are equipped, and being detected by your ammo plugin, and only let me fire my weapon with the proper ammo equipped, however when i use the attack that uses that ammo, it does not consume it.. Started the battle with wooden arrows (obtained 10 for testing with) my...
  13. Ammunition System & Add-on (Crafting System)

    I seem to be having issues with the Equip ammo actually being removed from my inventory/equipment slot... My skill uses: <Ammo 9 Equip: 1> <Ammo 10 Equip: 1> (Which the ammo is equipped in the shield slot which I have renamed "Support" is detected by your plugin, but after the attack, no ammo...
  14. SnowMV - Simple Gathering

    By default, SnowGather uses item 10 as the "by hand" item. If your item database is lower than 10, it will most likely be your issue. Setting tool requirement to true, might automatically overlook the hand tool, unless the item would have normally had a harvest chance for said herbs. If that...
  15. SnowMV - Simple Gathering

    Also, I was curious as to whether the selfswitch should be toggled on before or after the common event should finish. I honestly feel like it should be after. I just can't tell with it running parallel. I'm asking because you can set movement patterns for the events using "this event" through...
  16. Bobstah's Battle Commands Customization v2.2.1 - Updated 05/17/2017

    Ooh, I've been waiting impatiently for this update =D Thanks so much. I'll finally be able to replace Attack with different skills for my ranged weapons =)
  17. Ammunition System & Add-on (Crafting System)

    So I tried it once more, before moving any plugin-orders.... and I uh.. don't know how to explain it.. but... the counts all of a sudden are working properly..? Bobstah's command list plugin is literally at the very top.. it's been there since I had issues with a different mod... Now tonight...
  18. SnowMV - Simple Gathering

    I know what you mean. Threads are riddled with different variations of scripts and typos. But that's just the way things are in life. The latest update is loading the common event now. Hurray.  There is just one other issue I've run into. For some reason, the output text window is showing up...
  19. SnowMV - Simple Gathering

    <Repspawn Time: 1> needs to be <Respawn Time: 1> As for the common event update.. I seem to be having trouble getting my common event to run.. I have a common event a ID 1, and when I run the command like so: SnowGather true [1,2] 1 this it brings up the window, and gives the results, but...
  20. Ammunition System & Add-on (Crafting System)

    Hmm.. Now it removed the ability to display it on individual skill commands... (Not the command that says "Skills" or "Magic") With Bobstah's plugin, you can assign things like "Cure" on the main command list. Being able to display costs on skills through the same method of "Attack" is what I...

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