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  1. Silverskin

    [SOLVED][RMMV] Help wanted for creating states based on remaining HP, MP, and TP

    Personally, I don't like complicating things and I never use the condition command. I'd recommend just inserting the regeneration code into the hp == mhp condition and leave the hp != mhp conditio blank, maybe that helps...
  2. Silverskin

    [SOLVED][RMMV] Help wanted for creating states based on remaining HP, MP, and TP

    You can do this with Yanflys Buffs & States core, Battle Engine Core and Auto Passive States. Finding out the right code shouldn't be too hard, but time intensive, so I just wanted to point out how it could be done ;)
  3. Silverskin

    RMMV .

    could a mod delete this post please? Unfortunately, I don't have time for this project anymore...
  4. Silverskin

    Deployed game to HTML and Mobile, IMGs all missing when I run the game

    I think when exporting your game, you had a box checked which says like "compile data" or "remove unused images". The problem is that if you are using Plugins and images with different save locations, rmv won't recognize these as used. Try to export the game again without compiling...
  5. Silverskin

    Paying for Recorces

    I don't know if you can do this on every section here, but sellfy provides html codes to embed a "buy now" button for your product :)
  6. Silverskin

    Get the highest variable number

    you can also compare variables to each other. A possible condition would be: Var A > Var B && Var A > Var C Hope I could help :)
  7. Silverskin

    Force critical or miss

    as you are using yanflys plugins already,  he also made one that does exactly what you want. It's called Critical Control. Just read the instructions, using the plugin is easy. Hope I could help you :)  
  8. Silverskin

    Add State if item is used in Battle

    cant you just make the item add the state and make the state expire after battle end or 1 step?
  9. Silverskin

    Button Input from Mouse Click

    Hey,  I don't know if that's what you are looking for, but this checks if the player clicks: greetings, Silverskin
  10. Silverskin

    State that Resists/Immune to Buffs and Debuffs

    Oh, I am sorry, didn't see you are using RMVXA, I am only familiar with RMV... But my approach would have been a state that (if that works with the ace script) has a formular like but I think this won't be that easy because RMV uses javascript and RMVXA ruby... Hope I could help you...
  11. Silverskin

    State that Resists/Immune to Buffs and Debuffs

    are you using yanflys buffs & states core? If yes, replay and I will figure out the code for you :)
  12. Silverskin

    YEP Auto Passive States conditional passives based on number of enemies

    if ($gameTroop.aliveMembers().length == 2) that should be it, hope I could help :)
  13. Silverskin

    Screen shake issue

    Maybe your map isn't big enough? For testing, I would expand the size and just draw some blocks that you would recognize...
  14. Silverskin

    Damage Formula for state(s)

    Hey, if you decided to use Yanflys Plugin, I can give you the codes // Gets Electrocute stat at turn #1 // Turn-specific damage //For the stun effect at turn 4 This code should work as I am using a similar state in my game Point Zero. Hope I could help you mate :)
  15. Silverskin

    Formula for state damage

    Hey, in RPG Maker MV, state modification is very poor and as far as I know, you can't modify damage else than x% of MHP per round. State chance is only for inflicting the state, but not for triggering it per round. I highly recommend using @Yanflys Plugins (I think its Core Engine +...
  16. Silverskin

    RMMV .

    [Last Update: 1.11.2016] Welcome, game makers! This topic is about the game "Point Zero". Point Zero is an RPG which I would compare mostly to a mixture of Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon and League of Legends. Below, you can find the newest updates and trailers to the game, which will, according...
  17. Silverskin

    can damage formulas be in negetive numbers

    are you sure that neagtive doesn't work? As far as I'm concerned, RPG Maker (i am using MV) evaluates the damage formula as a code, meaning u can use if else statements and custom codes. You coud just say var i = (target.agi) * (-1); and operate with that value, couldn't you?
  18. Silverskin

    Menu Open Repeatedly

    Hi, I tried it out myself and kept spamclicking th menu (open & close), and there weren't any lags. This is not due to any problems caused by the engine for sure. I think it's about your hard / software (althought I have no knowledge at all in this field) ^^
  19. Silverskin

    Get the array length of states in a condition?

    I FOUND A SOLUTION Yanflys Action sequence has problems processing more complicated codes (or I am just too dumb to figure out how), even when using the eval code. Instead of putting the code into <target action>, leave it blank and use Yanflys Skill Core plugin. Before the Action sequence...
  20. Silverskin

    Get the array length of states in a condition?

    Hi, I finally got that unexpected token error. Yanfly's Action sequence doesn't even support brackets and the "for var..." loop. That's why both of my errors occured. I will try to run this with a custom eval code within action sequence or via a common event script call. Ill post a...

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