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  1. JadenDew

    Forum Store Purchases Transfer

    No response to my email, either.
  2. JadenDew

    Season Pass - DLC 3 Sneak Peek

    That train reminds me of Final Fantasy VI.. :D Though not quite what I am looking for.. I am leaning more and more towards buying the pass.
  3. JadenDew

    Forum Store Purchases Transfer

    Not meaning to rush you, but am I right to believe that transfers are still in progress?
  4. JadenDew

    Medieval Tiles (MV - In Progress)

    I must say I'm looking forward to the release of this pack. It looks very promising and would suit the themes of my project more than the chibi style of RTP. I've a question: Would enemies come with side-view static-image or spritesheet battlers? All in all.. while I would love to get my...
  5. JadenDew

    Enlarged 32px Tiles in MV

    (Stuff moves because I sometimes re-positioned my original enlargement tryout tiles) Tried the method suggested. Grass looks the same either way. I think I prefer my method for the brighter and less blurry tiles... but it does appear to resize the some tiny objects better. I might mix the nicer...
  6. JadenDew

    Enlarged 32px Tiles in MV

    I love the Ancient Dungeon Tileset Pack and wanted it in MV in 48px. So I had to resize it. I am hoping for some opinions on the result. Tools Used: Waifu2x, Photoshop Problems I had Encountered (and tried solving): Tile Leakage - Not just a thing for tilesets, happens to facesets too...
  7. JadenDew


    Ty Celianna :3 Now.. maybe I could continue to use your packs in the new maker :D No luck running the full version on my desktop tho :( One less thing about porting my project to MV to worry about :) (edited for typos ...)
  8. JadenDew


    For the people using Waifu to upscale image.. how do you upscale 32x32 to 48x48? I can see only a 1.6x and 2.0x on the website...
  9. JadenDew


    Hm..wouldn't placement of events and event passability be limited by the map editor grid?
  10. JadenDew


    @Rukiri: Hm I can't say i know much about the Tiled editor.. but how would you imagine eventing would work if we could have a plugin that reads .tmx files?
  11. JadenDew


    I see the page have been updated with a couple more headings since I've last checked. :D   I hope there is more info to come.. I do wish to hear more about whether we can use 32x32 resources with the editor..(I don't quite like to parallax-map).. but I won't count on it... :| Ideally, I...
  12. JadenDew

    RPG Maker MV?

    Looks promising +_+ Might considering moving my current project to this
  13. JadenDew

    Why RPG Maker?

    Been with RPG Maker for long (5 years? More? I am not sure, my first maker is RMXP) At first I love it because I can create a good game without effort. Also, there were many resources made by other RM users that can be put together to make a really beautiful game. I can't quite draw or compose...
  14. JadenDew

    Humble Game Making Bundle

    Thanks for clarifying Nathanial! Making a commercial project for the first time so I would rather be extra careful xD
  15. JadenDew

    Humble Game Making Bundle

    Hmm I din't know that.. Tho it is still not clear to me whether the EULAs will stand up against this sort of encryption. Sorry >< Could spell it abit more clearly? (edit.. eep dint mean to use that emote.. sorry! )
  16. JadenDew

    Humble Game Making Bundle

    I wonder if these EULAs about needing to encrypt resources will hold against encrypters that decrypt on play (meaning the audio is not encrypted at the time of play..) I have half the mind to make a fuss at GameDevFort to whine about inability to use this resources after paying for them ;_...
  17. JadenDew

    Humble Game Making Bundle

    Wait.. all the music from the bundle have to be encrypted if we want to use them for our project?!
  18. JadenDew

    Mixing Artstyles

    Hey people, Um I hope this is the right thread to ask this. I have bought the Dark Hero pack from the forum store and am wondering if the artstyle could go with RTP bust shots. I feel that it is alright but I want to know your opinions on the mix too. Here is an example shot:
  19. JadenDew

    Look at other maps for inspiration maybe? Or games using similar map styles

    Look at other maps for inspiration maybe? Or games using similar map styles
  20. JadenDew

    Humble Game Making Bundle

    The Humble Bundle resource packs "Exclusive DLC Pack", "Fantasy DLC Pack", "New DLC Pack", "Sci-Fi DLC Pack" and "Starter DLC Pack" are direct downloadables App Game Kit, Game Dev Starter Pack, Mibibli's Quest and Sprite Lamp appears to be direct downloadable too (I haven't tried downloading...

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