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  1. Joewoof

    RMMV The Singing Scar - Unique 15-hour RPG in a rich multiverse

    TRAILER: DOWNLOAD: An RPG where every little detail matters. Attack the wrong foes, and you will be struck back. Miss a detail, and the lore will remain cryptic. Overlook a strategy, and the boss will kill you. Meticulously crafted for the most...
  2. Joewoof

    Selling DRM Free?

    Websites like Desura and GOG sell their games DRM-free. Should I be worried about piracy if I distribute with them? As a small developer, I think obscurity is more dangerous than piracy, and if the game gets famous, it's going to be pirated anyway. Still, just want to hear some opinions...
  3. Joewoof

    Why publish with Aldorlea?

    I've seen quite a number of RPG Maker developers choosing to publish via Aldorlea Games, even on Steam. Why are they so popular? Do they take a really low cut for the support/marketing they provide?
  4. Joewoof

    Journey of A First Generation RPG Maker

    RPG Maker changed the course of my life, for better or worse. My first foray into RPG Maker was 16 years ago, with the original RPG Maker for Sony Playstation. Hohoho, back in my day, we had to make an entire RPG with a controller! Are there still any of you left? Those who knew what a memory...
  5. Joewoof

    Yanfly EquipCore & ChangeWeaponOnBattle Bugs

    Yanfly's EquipCore and ChangeWeaponOnBattle can work together, but they are not fully compatible. With both on, the Shield slot becomes broken in the battle Equip menu. A weapon can be equipped to the shield slot, and doing so just deletes the weapon. Also, EquipCore crashes when MainMenu TP...

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