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  1. Light on parallax background

    Hello, I'm trying to create a map where there's a full moon in the parallax background, and on that same map, I use tint screen to set it to night... The problem is, the tint screen also affects the moon, which is in parallax, that's to be expected. The question is, is there any way to make...
  2. Zoom the tileset without affecting the parallax background

    Is there a plugin, or is it possible to be created, that zooms only in the tileset/characters but without affecting the parallax background? I need this effect in the game I'm creating, but I can't find a way to do it, and I haven't found any zoom plugins that cover it.
  3. Tint screen without affecting the parallax background?

    Hi, I've looked everywhere for a plugin that allows you to use the tint screen without affecting the parallax background, is there one like that? Or is it possible to create one?
  4. Zoom map plugin that does not zoom in on parallax background

    Hello, I'm looking for a plugin that allows zooming the map (including tiles and characters), but without zooming in on the parallax background. The idea is to use in scenes like, for example, the person is on the edge of a cliff, and the camera approaches, passing over him, and highlighting...
  5. Zoom the map without zooming the parallax

    Hi, is there any plugin that zooms on the map and tilesets, without zooming the paralllax background? The use would be, for example, in a scene where the person was on the edge of a cliff, and the camera approaches, highlighting the landscape in the background (the parallax).
  6. How to fix a light on a parallax background?

    Hi, I wonder if there is any way to fix an event (such as a light) on an element of the parallax background, for example, a moon? A way that the character can move around the map, and the light getting fixed on the moon, as well as the rest of the parallax background.
  7. Lighted windows at night

    Hello, I would like to know how to let the tileset windows with lighting effect in games where night falls on the map, just as in Pokémon games, for example. Something like this image: I know there are light scripts, but they do not leave the windows and lamps with glow effect, and...

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