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  1. ZcheK

    Rearrange Map Order

    Is there a way to rearrange maps? For example if I want to move a map up or down one in the list. The only way I know how is to drag the map to the top map in in the hierarchy, which will put it right at the bottom, then I need to manually drag every other map TWICE to get them under the map...
  2. ZcheK

    Plugins Not Loading Correctly in the Editor

    Sometimes when I load up a plugin in the editor, it looks like this, with the plugin code being displayed in the plugin window,  and won't work at all. EDIT: I was downloading the html version of the plugin from Github, I needed to right click and save link on the "Raw" link to get the real...
  3. ZcheK

    Quest For Glory 1: Extended Edition

    QFG:EE is a fan remake project of Quest For Glory 1 VGA, the classic Adventure Game RPG Hybrid, using RPG Maker MV. The plan is to expand the stat system, add more story-line/quests, more areas to explore (such as a Goblin underworld), bigger bosses (such as a Dragon), voice acting, modern...

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