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  1. Lone Wolf

    Gamepad Extender MVZ

    Gamepad Extender MVZ (4/11/2021) That's right, I'm alive. There are a lot of reasons I didn't update WolfPad, but the simplest reason is just that MV's controller API support was complete ass. So what's the MVZ stand for? This is a version for MZ, that happens to be based off a private version...
  2. Lone Wolf

    Gamepad Extender (v1.1, 2/20/2015)

    Gamepad Extender version 1.1 by Lone Wolf Introduction: By default, RGSS3 uses DirectInput to make only 8 buttons available to scripters. This script provides an alternate, XInput-based gamepad interface, giving scripters access to all 16 buttons on a modern gamepad, as well as dual-analog...
  3. Lone Wolf

    RGSS3 Unofficial Bugfix Snippets

    I'll be using this thread to compile script snippets I've posted in the VX Ace help section. These work automatically once pasted into the Materials section, and are only tested with the default scripts. For maximum compatibility, put these before any custom scripts you may be using. Enemy Turn...

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