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  1. lesbrarians

    RMMV CCEX: Change Color in Selection Screen as Well

    I know, I know, another thread from me about modifying CCEX.... :stickytongue: But this is, hopefully, the very last thing I need assistance with to figure out! When I change the color of a piece, I'd like the files in the selection screen to change to match the selected color. Say I select...
  2. lesbrarians

    RMMV CCEX: Force Equip Section Piece within Character Creator Scene

    Hello again! So, I had great success with my last thread asking for help with the CCEX plugin, and now I have a followup problem that I could use some help in resolving. To recap: I have my character creator set up so that when a player selects a certain body type, it sets a variable to a...
  3. lesbrarians

    RMMV Change Variable Inside Character Creator Scene

    Hey y'all -- I've been working on making some edits to the Character Creator EX plugin. This is one of the last things I need to figure out, so if you're able to help me with it, I'd be tremendously grateful! What I'm trying to do is simply: when the player selects a certain piece of a certain...
  4. lesbrarians

    RMMV SRD CCEX: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined

    I am losing my mind here. I'm encountering an issue whenever I execute the OpenCharacterCreator plugin command for Character Creator Ex. I'm fairly certain I know what the error is referring to, as I have encountered this error before in the past when adding new generator parts. I believe it's...
  5. lesbrarians

    RMMV Possible to use Galv Character Frames with SRD's Character Creator EX?

    I've created my first walk sprite to use in conjunction with SRD's Character Creator EX and Dynamic Actors plugins. However, I'm not a fan of how jerky three-frame walk cycle animations are, so I looked into Galv's Character Frames plugin, to add more frames to each character. I can't get it to...
  6. lesbrarians

    RMMV Expansion to Dynamic Actors Plugin to use Conditional Branches/Multiple Notetags

    Hey y'all -- I'm using the CCEX Dynamic Actors plugin. I have eight body types set up, which means eight versions of every clothing item. So I have like.... 800 armor items set up right now. :oops: which is making for some long load times for my game. i'd like to cut that down to 100 -- so for...
  7. lesbrarians

    RMMV Trying to get body type folders to show/hide in CCEX

    Hey y'all -- so I'm using SRD's Character Creator EX. I have multiple body types that the player can select from, all of which require separate folders for clothes/etc that will fit those sprites. I'm trying to make it so that when the player selects a body type, it will show certain folders. I...
  8. lesbrarians

    RMMV Make Choice Help Window Compatible with SRD CCEX

    I would love to use the Choice Help window in conjunction with SRD's Character Creator Ex. Unfortunately, the two don't play nicely together -- <CC Face: [id]> doesn't work with Comment: ChoiceFace. Is it possible to patch ChoiceHelp so that it can use the custom character faces from CCEX? Not...
  9. lesbrarians

    RMMV Select Item Categories Plugin: How to Show Text Box at Bottom

    I'm working on a system where the player can set up a stall and sell certain items to NPCs. I don't want some items to show up in the Select Item menu, so I'm using this Select Item Categories plugin, which allows me to set a category for, in my case, items that can be sold at this market I'm...
  10. lesbrarians

    Conditional Branch for Heavy/Light Armor?

    So I'm setting up a weather/temperature system, where different maps have different temperatures (e.g. freezing for snowy maps) and the armor a player wears grants them cold resistance/heat resistance. The player will have their choice of multiple types of armor because I love customization, so...

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