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  1. eluukkanen

    What Reviews say on RPG Maker MZ post-release in STEAM?

    RPG Maker MZ released a while ago. Is the engine bad or good according to recent reviews? RPG Maker MZ has been mentioned to have so many similar features as RPG Maker MV. Still, many newcommers to RPG Maker series have found their new home with the engine. Many talk about goods and bads. What...
  2. eluukkanen

    RMMV I need help: YEP ItemCore To read Independent Item ID number and turn it into Base ID

    What I need = To read Independent Item ID number and turn it into Base ID. I am using YEP Item Core. Thanks in advance, I have been using my limited java knowledge trying to find a solution to this trick. When using Indpendent Items from YEP, I try making "Select Item" command. This only...
  3. eluukkanen

    RMMV FPS Slowdown with 2880 Events, How to Improve FPS of this Massive Project?

    Hi RPG Maker Forum Members, THANK YOU beforehand already :kaoblush:, so many helpful people have helped me here in the past. I have a question about improving performance of a game I am making. I think I know how this issue comes, here is the information: I am making a game that has maps...
  4. eluukkanen

    How to Change Actor's name without Name Input Scene? (script command)

    I would like to change the actor's name in the game. Without Name Input Scene. I tried and found this: $ = "Change Name" but it wont work. It would be very useful to make the game change the name of a few characters. Thanks for the help
  5. eluukkanen

    How can I disable javascript plugin functions with if statement?

    Sorry if I ask something quite obvious, but I am trying to achieve that the plugin "Galv Battle Action Info" would disable if game switch 5 is not TRUE. My problem is that I get error when I try to add if ($gameSwitches.value(5) === true) { return true; } I have not yet figured the way...
  6. eluukkanen

    How to remove battle log text for one skill?

    I am actively using battle log in a game I am developing. For 1 skill I would like to switch if off. This skill does a passive effect on the snail creatures here, and I do not want to have battle log to show How to remove battle log for a 1 skill? And then return it back
  7. eluukkanen

    I cannot for some reason check if my actor has anything equipped. Nothing works

    I cannot for reason check if my actor has anything equipped. This should be easy, but it just won't work. Not with a script call, not with anything. I have looked help from this topic and from Conditional Branch+...
  8. eluukkanen

    How to make that your actors won't choose automatically next target in battle

    Hi people, I have been trying to edit rpg maker mv javascript to make that when an enemy is dead, your party won't automatically target other allied members. Like in original Final Fantasy. I have found the right place I think in rpg_managers.js at line 2465 BattleManager.getNextSubject =...
  9. eluukkanen

    RMMV Final Fallacy - Open-world Rogue-like RPG [Work-In-Progress]

    GAME IS STILL WORK IN PROGRESS Your hardcore 8-bit fantasy rogue-like RPG journey awaits! Final Fallacy is an open-world rogue-like RPG video game. Set in a fantasy world with western medieval and eastern mysticism as influences, there is a crumbling kingdom in its last legs similar to...
  10. eluukkanen

    How to change default screen center x y position following the player?

    Hi there MV knowledgeable! Thank you for any help beforehand. I am trying to implement cool-looking UI for a game I am making. It's not that UI you see on the screen (from Might and Magic 6), but with MV if I implement any similar UI, I would love to have player default screen center x and y...
  11. eluukkanen

    How to make an event move towards an event with same name that is the closest?

    Hello anyone with knowledge of MV scripting :kaojoy: I am trying to achieve a system and I am almost complete. However, this issue has been something I have been unable to make into reality. I know this is possible, but I just cannot seem to get my head around the best possible solution. Anyone...
  12. eluukkanen

    Mouse Cursor's X and Y from Map Grid Mouse Position?

    Hi there! I need help in figuring out one thing connected to MV and mouse cursor system. I have tried to make that 2 game variables try get Mouse Cursor X and Y connected to Map Grid constantly (with a parallel trigger) , but I have been unsuccessful. What sort of Script Command I should use...
  13. eluukkanen

    RMMV RTS Tower Defense RPG - Don't Loot Back [DEMO AVAILABLE]

    The Last Treasure Chest They Will Ever Loot Life is not easy for an NPC minding his own quiet family life. In a moment´s notice, raiding party of heroes can barge in to your home, pilfer and purloin your life-long savings and children´s collage-funds. Not even the most remote locales are safe...
  14. eluukkanen

    How RPG Maker Games should handle their presentation?

    First off I have to mention that I have not yet developed a fully released video game, so take all what I say with a grain of salt. I am in progress of developing my own RPG Maker MV title with custom resources, and not all cannot put all that time to either pay comission to get custom art or...
  15. eluukkanen

    How To Start Quality Reviews? Can you Give Your Two Cents on this?

    Hello there people of rpg maker, I have been part of this community for a long time, but now I do need your help. I do like making games, but as my profession I am a music freelancer composer, and now I am trying to break into region of music video reviews and articles. Long time I have...
  16. eluukkanen

    Classic Remastered OST from Games - Released Every Week!

    Hello and Welcome to Remake Heaven The place where nostalgia and music meets one another! Vote Next Remake: Listen Music at SoundCloud: This is a music project of one composer who wants to bring back old...
  17. eluukkanen

    eluukkanen Music Corner - Hours of Music

    Youtube: SoundCloud: Bandcamp: For more information have a look at my website: My name is Elias Luukkanen. I compose music for various projects. My passion is to make...
  18. eluukkanen

    What is your favourite RPG Maker RTP Music?

    Over the years we have listened many RTP Maker Music coming along with the program. My personal favourite are the songs made for RPG maker XP. A lot of variety in there. But there perhaps different opinions. What do you think? What RPG Maker has the best music on your mind?
  19. eluukkanen

    Hello there everyone

    Hello there everyone I enjoy to make rpg maker games, but I mainly compose music. I've been a lot in rpg maker net, but it's about a time to come here as well. Looking forward to use this forum and meet new people ;) Have a great day
  20. eluukkanen

    Royalty-Free Music Corner - High-Quality Music for your Games

    If you are looking for music for your games, you have came to the right place! Want to have music with variety and quality in your project? Then eluukkanen music is what you need. Orchestral, Jazz, Classical, Band, Instrumental, Choir, slow, happy, action… All of that can be found with music...

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