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  1. RavenBlueIndigo

    Raven's Musical Roost

    It has been quite some time since I posted anything here . . . and thus, so it is that I come bearing a new track to share. When I made this track, I was visualizing a PS1 era collectathon level taking place inside of a museum. This is what I came up with:
  2. Nenen

    Collecting objects in an RPG Maker game?

    You might want to check out the term 'Collectathon' (here's a search ) or even specifically this Topic:
  3. Failivrin

    Why aren't there more Collectathon RPGs?

    Lavish artwork, fluid controls, and unique movement abilities are also important features of collectathon games, which is why they tend to be platformers. If the theme is exploration, simply moving around the map should provide a thrill. It's really difficult to achieve this with a classic RPG...
  4. AeroPergold

    Alternate History: Sega Saturn

    ...Mario 64 being presented at E3 and the release of Jumping Flash. Sega Technical Institute is given the task of reviving Alex Kidd as a collectathon 3D platformer with a release date of holiday 1996. 1996 An aggressive marketing campaign is launched by Sega in an attempt to combat Sony, thus...
  5. AeroPergold

    Why aren't there more Collectathon RPGs?

    ...other themed worlds via a hub level. The reason I asked is because I made two games (OGMS and Numbskull Monotagari) that works like a collectathon a la Super Mario 64, DK 64, and Battle for Bikini Bottom but in a JRPG form factor. I think making a collectathon RPG is still a cool concept and...
  6. AeroPergold

    RMMZ Raid 2020 Remake

    ...drug lord Pitbull from doping up society by transcending time and space. The police station is used as a hub world and will be an RPG collectathon with some levels from the NES game plus new levels, each having a variety of tasks. Completed said task earns you a Super Warrant which unlocks...
  7. St_Raphael

    SERVICE Puzzle Maker/Mapper/Parallax Mapper for projects

    ...speaking English and German. I offer my service as a (parallax) mapper and/or puzzle maker for any Rpgmaker MV project(incl. 18+ and "Collectathon"). If you work with VXA, i will only do parallax maps. Below are pictures of parallax maps I made in the past and a DL link for a few simple...
  8. Wavelength

    A Quests Board - Whats your Suggestion ?

    Eh... I appear to be in the minority on this, but I personally kind of dislike Quest Boards - they feel kind of dull and lifeless, and I feel much more interested in a quest if I get to look the NPC in the eyes, talk to them, hear about their problem, and have that individual experience in my...
  9. kirbwarrior

    This sounds like a way you could set up the final level for a collectathon. Instead of a flat...

    This sounds like a way you could set up the final level for a collectathon. Instead of a flat number of one thing, it's a set of multiple tasks. Showing this early and giving the player direction can give them a real sense of- Oh, this is some random mission in what appears to be an "rpg". My bad.
  10. Chef


    A 2D and 3D Puzzle Adventure Collectathon filled with clever puzzle solving and collectables. Story You travel through time, new worlds, and multiple dimensions to save your brother from the evil Spirit. Main Characters Joyce (You, the Hero) Bruce (The Princess) Evil Spirit (Bad Boi)...
  11. TheMutantSpaceDancer

    yeah, thinkin' of maybe in a year or two once I got the whole groove of this game development...

    ...groove of this game development thing I'll move on to Gamemaker Studio or Unity so I can make cooler, better stuff! I wanna make Run N' Guns, 3D Platformers, Schmups, Collectathon 3D Platformers, ect. and not a lot of that can be done in RPG Maker. or, done well/how I want it to be done at least.
  12. TheMutantSpaceDancer

    perhaps the skate boarding could be a mini game where you have to get a good enough score to get...

    perhaps the skate boarding could be a mini game where you have to get a good enough score to get one of the GRAND MAGUFFINS that every 3d platformer collectathon like Banjo Kazooie and Mario have.
  13. Canini

    Designing a action-rpg using platformers as a template [intermediate]

    I decided to expand on this tutorial a bit, focusing on open-level collectathon platforming instead of linear ones. In many people´s opinion the Banjo-Kazooie series is the epitome of these sort of games and the one closest to the default rpgmaker engine is Grunty´s Revenge for the Game Boy...
  14. Wavelength

    'Collectathon' JRPG Design?

    Do the collectibles necessarily need to fit the prime narrative, though? What if the collectibles just grant physical access, like in most Collect-a-thons? Your narrative quest might be to track down the Space King's murderer, but you need Phlebotinum Orbs (the collectable) to power different...
  15. KoldBlood

    'Collectathon' JRPG Design?

    Very cool idea! Something like reputation could also have some cool effects on narrative and character interaction as well like the antagonist or his/her henchmen treating your character like a reckless swordsman at the beginning of the game. Then at higher levels they would know your character...
  16. kirbwarrior

    'Collectathon' JRPG Design?

    ...are good enough (70 stars) and he won't even acknowledge your existence until you're a proven hero (8 or 30 stars). Honestly, I think collectathon (and open world in general) rpgs should use a "hub world" to ease things like narrative and story telling. I find open world games based on...
  17. Tai_MT

    'Collectathon' JRPG Design?

    I liked some of these types of games, because they did the "Collect-a-thon" right. Mario 64 did it badly. Everything was to collect more stars. Stars added nothing to the game except "unlocking restrictions". The only difference to beating Mario 64 with less than 120 stars and with 120 stars...
  18. kirbwarrior

    'Collectathon' JRPG Design?

    ...these lines. Dungeons are to the side, with the bulk of the plot happening in the one town you can visit. It would be very easy to add a collectathon feel to it. It's actually pretty easy to add some of the exploration feel of platformers to an rpg. The Mario RPG series does this by straight...
  19. The Mighty Palm

    'Collectathon' JRPG Design?

    ...shards scattered and it's about collecting crystal shards. The shards can be anywhere. Lying in the open or in hidden areas to keep that collectathon feel, but now lets adjust for rpg mechanics. How else can you get the shards? Quest rewards is a given. Perhaps some monster/miniboss/boss...
  20. Seacliff

    'Collectathon' JRPG Design?

    When I say collectathon, I'm referring to the sub-genre of 3D platformers that was really popular in the late 90s. Popular titles include Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, and Jak and Daxter. These games aren't exactly open world, but have an open level design. Gamplay consists of exploring areas at the...

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