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  1. Raggon


    Hey guys working on this game . hope you get a chance to play some and give feedback. RPG FOREVER - SERENS QUEST "Your memories are gone. You find yourself in a new world . now you must journey to find new meaning to life. Save the People of Maiko from imminent demise and maybe along the way...
  2. Raggon

    RMMV Help with custom New Game button Link

    hi im trying to make a custom New Game Button. so far i have this to transfer to the New Game Map. $gamePlayer.reserveTransfer(15, 0, 0, 1, 0) How would i change this so it goes to the starting postion of the player? Or whats the plugin command or is there a default code im missing from the...
  3. Raggon

    RMMV Super Cool Mouse Trail Plugin !

    okay please help make one :) Or if you have found one please post link below. i found this: how would that be added into mv as plugin? if you can make it great! if you cant but can direct me to tutorial on how i can try figure it out that would...
  4. Raggon

    Modern joystick for rpg mv

    Sooo Can anyone please make this or direct me to where it's been made? Maybe even combine the ones available to make a modern one? Here is a link to an example .js will look for more or even try start something myself.
  5. Raggon

    Trying to Hire someone to Program Interstitial ads into MV a pain in the derrière dont do it! ahh there i got to vent. I thought it would be a good idea to get someone to do this for me. I thought it was going to be easy on boy was i wrong urgh. Its a code in a button. i thought a seasoned programmer could just install tutorial...
  6. Raggon

    Back Button as an image Help Please

    hi im using advanced Menu Plugin and im trying to change this code to show an image.The code Below works to show the Text i wrote in the plugin Cancel. // add "Back..." menu on top: this._statusWindowBackButton = new Window_StatusBackButton( Graphics.width - 240, 0)...
  7. Raggon

    Rpg MV Leaders Score Board [Request]

    Can anyone point me in the right direction or make this plugin? how would you store a score board on a website Database for example mysql and show users scores on there? it would probably be exporting a score from variable X onto the WWW into a txt file? php file? Any Help or advice would be...
  8. Raggon

    Failed to load image - Solution or work around

    I started searching months ago for a solution. I couldnt find one so here it is. I was using Moghunters awesome party mod but could never get it to work on mobile because it said Failed to load Image [X] even when i changed the name of the image to in this case MPMeter.png . Solution I went...
  9. Raggon

    Please Help with setting a pick up Event

    its not working . Script is supposed to show the else when its greater than or equal to 40 but thats not happening. i set up another event to say that shards found was 40 to test . thats when else is supposed to be active right? its not what happens though. im not sure what is going wrong? I...

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