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  1. Arise501

    Check multiple events at the same time.

    Hi guys. (Google translate) I have a question. Is there a way to check all the events of a map at once? I wanted to use this script. This script works perfect. if ($gameMap.event(5).event().note.includes('blabla')){}; But I must do it for each Event <"$ gameMap.event (n)">. Is there any <"$...
  2. Arise501

    I need help with a script "Loop"

    while () {stuff} I dont know how to use it. I use the event command, but when I pass it to script I don't understand it. This would be the example, using event command: ♦ Loop ♦ Variable control: #0011 Hp += 3 ♦ If: Hp= HpC ♦ Break loop ♦ :The end ♦ : Repeat...
  3. Arise501

    sum variables in variable control (MZ-MV)

    Good morning, I'm having trouble adding variables within the variable control. Variables Control / Variable ## 2 = 100 Variable control / Variable ## 3 = 110 Variables Control / variable ## 1 / Script: [$gameVariables.value(2) + $gameVariables.value(3)] Variable ## 1 = 110100 It should be 210...
  4. Arise501

    Use script as a conditional derivation

    Hello group, I am sorry if this does not go here. I am having a problem, I want to represent Conditional branch math operations, but I don't want to use the event command, I need it inside script.if (origen_y < 0) {origen_y * (-1)}; Is this the correct way to write? If "variable" <0, multiply...

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