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  1. Tazzyneo

    YEP Selection Control: Cannot select: single

    Hello! There's the option with this plugin to disable selecting someone with AOE skills (<Cannot Select: All>) and I'm searching for a way to do the opposite: Making my enemy to be "invisible" with a state -> He has to take dmg from an AOE skill to lose his invisibility and be able to take...
  2. Tazzyneo

    Cannot read property 'removeCurrentAction' of null

    Hellow! I hope I posted this in the right place! Any idea on how to solve this problem? It appears really randomly at the beginning of the few fights in one of my maps. It's like 1/5 chances that this appears and the player has to restart the game. And HOW UNLUKCY: It's one of my few maps in...
  3. Tazzyneo

    Multihit skills: Changing target if the first dies

    Hello! (maybe hello again ? x) I'm trying to do a 3 hit attack inspired by Nolegs abilities in EBF5. I'm using YEP action sequences and even Irina's ActSeqImpact Plugin which allows "Previous" and "Next Target" in action sequences. I forgot to mention: I would like the Skill to add 1 Bonus hit...
  4. Tazzyneo

    Trigger "Motions" with JS

    Hello! I'm trying to make a slip effect that can randomly cancel someone's action if he battles on Ice. (And with right Boots you can avoid this effect. (I took this idea from my favorite game DOSII) So the effect works perfectly, but one thing is missing: I want the user to do the "dead" motion...
  5. Tazzyneo

    Check for a Skill - Custom Confirm Effect

    Hello! I'm new to JS and I'm trying during the "Custom Confirm Effect" of a passive state to make the game check if the character affected by that state is using a certain Skill (in that case, it's Skill 318). So here's what I tried: if (this.Skillid() === 318) { } //// if...

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