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  1. RMMZ Image encryption

    it would be nice if someone who has said knowledge could make a plugin that can properly encrypt images and decrypt them , seeing as the built in image encryption is kind of inept. I know it wouldn't do much because if it's a public plugin someone can just reverse the algorithm, but it's at...
  2. Suggestion Make deployed project encryption more comprehensive and robust

    Description of the Feature: A much more robust encryption schema so that Image files and Audio files A. have better scrambled data and B. don't have the encryption key in it's data (that a program like the rpg maker MZ & MV decryptor can't read) More ways to encrypt (like choosing the level of...
  3. Suggestion Better floating windows in editor

    Description of the Feature: The Ability to have more than one window open at once The Ability to use the main editor window when another window is open Mockups: Why is this feature good? This feature is great because of the following: Allows for a better workflow for those with multiple...
  4. RMMZ Individual actor inventories

    What i'm looking for is a plugin that gives each actor their own inventories. For instance: say we have Harold and Casey in a party. Harold holds x amount of items and Casey holds another x amount of items. When Harold and Casey are in the same party the player can access all the items at...
  5. Suggestion More integration with the NWJS framework

    Description of the Feature: Ability to use NWJC to compile game binaries at deployment time NWJC can also be used to compile plugin files to a .bin format Why is this feature good? This feature is great because of the following: It provides an extra performance gain because it's already...
  6. RMMZ Save file location changer

    I know this request was asked earlier but that was for rmmv, and I tried that one hoping it would work but it doesn't. The reason why I want the save file location to be changeable is because I want to use the feature of nwjs that allows someone to package all their RPGmaker game files into a...
  7. RMMZ help with nwjc compiled code

    Ok, before I get into things I need to share a little bit of backstory. in my attempt to try and learn how to do everything with RPGmaker's GUI I started to teach myself how to do a ton of things RPGmaker can do with programming. (I even have the script calls bookmarked). I started to even check...

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