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  1. Check how many events do x y coordinate

    thanks everyone
  2. Check how many events do x y coordinate

    There are times when many events exist at the same time at the same location, how to check how many events at coordinate x y?
  3. Trigger Action button

    but when I use my mouse to trigger it, if the event is right in front of the character, it doesn't trigger but runs straight into
  4. Trigger Action button

    As far as I know to fire an event with an action button, that event must be set the same as character, is there a way to put it below the character and it still fires the action button?
  5. RMMV Temporarily disable event

    Thank you very much, love you
  6. RMMV Temporarily disable event

    I changed it back like this and turn on the switch 25 Game_Player.prototype.checkEventTriggerHere = function(triggers) { if (this.canStartLocalEvents()&&!$gameSwitches.value(25)) { this.startMapEvent(this.x, this.y, triggers, false); } }...
  7. RMMV Temporarily disable event

    Thank you, I tried changing the file rpg_objects but it didn't work
  8. RMMV Temporarily disable event

    I know that way, but it means change all event condition
  9. RMMV Temporarily disable event

    I want to temporarily disable event triggering, is there a way to do that? For example the character turns into a ghost, goes everywhere but doesn't event triggering
  10. Change the screen resolution, but not the graphics

    I just want the screen to show less tiles but it doesn't affect the battle screen, i figured out how, thank you
  11. Change the screen resolution, but not the graphics

    It changes the graphics, I mean just makes the screen display less tiles, everything is bigger
  12. Change the screen resolution, but not the graphics

    Is there a way to make the screen display less tiles without changing the graphics?
  13. RMMV Make state lifesteal

    It works, thank you
  14. RMMV Make state lifesteal

    I use plugin Buffs & States Core. I must make state lifesteal . I tried creating state like this but it doesn't work <Custom Conclude Effect> a.hp+=value*0.2 </Custom Conclude Effect>
  15. Find actor id last position in party

    Is there any script command to get the actor id at the last place in the party?
  16. RMMV Enemy appear

    Is there a plugin that makes enemies appear by walking from the left side of the screen?
  17. Hide the actor in death

    In battle, when the actor dies it stays on the screen, is there any way to make it invisible ?
  18. Change actor position upon death

    In battle, when an actor dies, Is there a way to push it down to the last place in the party ?
  19. Change actor in battle

    I use BattleEgineCore and battleSysSab
  20. Change actor in battle

    My party has 6 actors, but in battle there are only 3 actors, i want to find a way to change the actor in the middle of battle like in pokemon, and how to make the actor change automatically when it dies

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