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  1. The_Black_Knight

    Reset events on area change.

    So, I have enemies that walk a round the map, and once fought dissapear. I would like for these enemies to be reset on map change, which would at the moment require the transition to somehow changes all the enemies Self-Switches off. How on earth would I go around doing this? So to elaborate...
  2. The_Black_Knight

    RMMV, Height Error and black screen.

    So, I reordered my plugins, after which the game was working fine. Now when I try battle testing against the default bats, I get thefollowing: In addition, even on a completely fresh project, if I try testing against anything, I just get a black screen with no text. Already tried re-installing...
  3. The_Black_Knight

    Changing the row designation of back row members.

    So, using How would I go about changing the row of a character in the row 2, or back row into 1, or front row, after all front row characters are dead? And back again if any of them are revived. The idea being, that the front row characters...
  4. The_Black_Knight

    Lessen damage if opponent has Absorption Barrier

    So, I would like for some attacks to have their damage lessened or halved if the target has Absoprtion Barrier points left. Most enemies start battle with some ammount of Barrier you need to fight through first with specialized skills. I'm not quite proficient in script, so I hope someone could...
  5. The_Black_Knight

    Yanfly Row Formation and enemies.

    I'm completely lost with how to set up these. I have some enemies that will always be used in the back row, and have set them with (Default Row: x), which works nicely. How on earth should I go about making an encounter with, for example, 7...
  6. The_Black_Knight

    Problem in Absorption Barrier notetag value formula. Using the above mentioned, I tried setting the default Guard command to recover barrier equal to 10% of the character's max hp. This is what I tried (along with some other variations of it): <User Barrier: +(user.mhp * .1)> How...
  7. The_Black_Knight

    Class specific Job Points

    So, there's a functionality I would like when using and That is, to have each class have individual ammounts of Job Points, so that you need to play that class to unlock it's specific skills...
  8. The_Black_Knight

    Varying damage based on Absoprtion Barrier

    So, I have no idea how to do this at all. What I'm looking to do is to increase or reduce the damage of certain skills depending if they damage hp or barrier. By default most skills always strike damage to barrier, until it runs out. I would like to further specialize skills to anti-barrier and...
  9. The_Black_Knight

    "Auto-Life" that deals damage

    So, I'm trying to adapt to deal damage to all enemies instead of reviving the character, however I'm not proficient at Java at all, so, I hope I can get some help. Here's the code/notetag: <Category: Bypass Death Removal> <Custom...
  10. The_Black_Knight

    2h weapons and unsealing the shield.

    So, a simple issue which I'm sure has a simple solution. My intention is to have character that can wield 1h and 2h weapons learn a skill, using passive states and other yanfly stuff, to allow the usage of 2h weapons in 1h. At the moment I've made 2h weapons by just adding the seal...
  11. The_Black_Knight

    Flat bonuses with Yanfly's Buffs and States Core

    I feel like everywhere I see people mention you should be able to make flat parameter bonuses with Stuff like a flat bonus of +5 to Atk for example, not %. However I must be blind as I can't find such functionality from the plugin. I've gone...
  12. The_Black_Knight

    Getting the right values in the right fields, combining absorption barrier with menu customizer.

    So, I would like to combine SumRndmDde's and yanfly's in a certain way. I would like to make a seperate gauge in the status customiser, where the current value shown would be the...
  13. The_Black_Knight

    Changing the Trigger type of an event page, or using two different Triggers at the same time.

    Is there a way to either change the type of a trigger an event page has, or maybe run two event pages simultaniously? What I'm specifically trying to do here is to have patrolling NPCs, that will chase the player once seen, and on touch initiate a battle, but if the player manages to press a...
  14. The_Black_Knight

    Additional Gauges/Stats

    So, is there a good way to add gauges like hp/mp/tp? What I'm specifically looking to do, is to add an armour gauge, that most attacks would target before hp, and once it's at 0 all attacks would hit hp. I could just rename mp to armour, but I would still need attacks to change the meter it...

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