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  1. thepsyche

    RMMV Setting actor position to enemy home position in skill

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to create a skill used by enemies whereby the skill user will travel to its target (an actor), and then move back into its HOME position - taking the actor with them. The actor must then remain there for the battle until a certain condition will make them travel back...
  2. thepsyche

    RMMV Checking alive members in a game troop

    Hi everyone! Hoping to find some help on this little issue. I'm using an if statement in a YEP action sequence that looks like this: if ($gameTroop._enemies.filter(function(c) {return c._enemyId === 13;}).length === 2) This works just fine, but I need something slightly different. What I...
  3. thepsyche

    Event Follower Logic

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a puzzle where an event follows the player exactly in the same manner a follower does. In this particular case, I want 1 TILE of spacing between the player and the event (as opposed to 0 tiles of spacing) at all times (as if it were the THIRD member of a party, or...
  4. thepsyche

    Separating a picture's movement from its scale

    Hi all, My goal here is to get a picture tied to a certain event on screen so that every time the camera moves, the pictures stays in place relative to the event. This part is simple - you assign variables to the Screen X and Y of the event, and voila. The hard part is trying to figure out how...
  5. thepsyche

    State that resists, but doesn't remove

    Hi all, Trying to configure a state using YEP's Buffs & States core to RESIST all future applications of a particular state, but not REMOVE the state if it is already applied. I just don't think this is possible without another plugin - but let me know if I'm wrong! I understand the...
  6. thepsyche

    Easiest way to check if entire party is at full HP and MP?

    Hi there, I'm trying to create a little conditional branch that checks if all the active party's members are at full HP and MP, before determining what the next action will be. What's the quickest way of doing this? Don't mind using a script, in fact that may be preferable.
  7. thepsyche

    RMMV YEP Buffs & States: Reducing total damage output by 50% AND removing if damage > 0

    Hi everyone, Okay, here it goes. I'm trying to create a state that when applied to a target, reduces that whatever that total damage output of that target's action would have been by X percent, AND if the damage output is greater than 0, to then remove the state from that target. I hope...
  8. thepsyche

    Hit Rates, Evasion and LUK

    Hi everyone, I'll try and be as straight forward as possible with what I'm trying to do. In my project, I have two "unofficial" categories of weapons - melee and projectile. Projectile weapons are supposed to be equipped to hit fast and evasive enemies. Melee weapons are for dealing more...
  9. thepsyche

    RMMV Action Sequence Conditional Branches - State check

    Hi all, I hope this is the right board for this particular question. I'm having trouble finding success with a particular sequence of conditonal branches in my action sequence. It seems that using the skill in question will not apply the state I intend it to (state 58). Would someone be able...
  10. thepsyche

    RMMV Getting index of selected target

    Hi everyone! Currently, I'm trying to create a script inside a common event that will be called in battle. The script inside the common event needs to identify the currently selected target by the actor, as the common event is called using the Skill after it is selected on a target by the...
  11. thepsyche

    Trying to create a stacking state.

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to replicate a little mechanic from the game Final Fantasy X, whereby a character's skill can stack on the enemy up to 5 times. For example, I'm trying to come up with a skill that applies a state to an enemy that adds the trait of "Parameter - Defense 105%", which from...
  12. thepsyche

    RMMV States that are removed after X amount of battles

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to do some basic tests with a state that is applied in the menu onto an actor. Using YEP's Buffs & States core, I'm trying to get this state to remove itself after a certain amount of battles. This is what I have written inside the notebox: <Custom Battle Effect>...
  13. thepsyche

    RMMV Removing Outline / Drop Shadow from text

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to figure out how to remove the black outline from text that appears by default. I thought YEP's Message Core could fix this by turning the outline down to 0, but it appears there is still a very thin black line around the text. Is there any known way of removing this...
  14. thepsyche

    RMMV Script to execute common event with timing-based intervals

    Hi everyone, I've tried really really hard to figure this one out on my own, but I am not proficient in code. I'm trying a rather ambitious task of getting an animation to play on a particular event via a common event that gets executed when certain conditions are met. The condition is a timed...
  15. thepsyche

    RMMV YEP Auto Passive States Used for Cooking

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to come up with most optimal way of putting together a system by which an actor consumes an item outside of battle, and then gains a temporary status effect in battle. Instead of the state's duration being counted in turns, I wanted it to be counted by actor actions in...
  16. thepsyche

    3 Random Different Enemies Targeted as opposed to 3 Random Targets

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to create a skill that can target UP TO 3 enemies, ONCE each - if that makes sense. Meaning, the damage is only inflicted once on each enemy the skill targets, as opposed to the damage potentially inflicting on the same target twice. This would of course mean that the...
  17. thepsyche

    YEP's Extra Enemy Drops Query

    Hi everyone, I'm just trying to find out a specific detail about YEP's Extra Enemy Drops plugin. Specifically, when using a conditional item drop (using <Conditional Item X Drop>), how does the percentage you nominate after your condition interact with the percentage specified outside of the...
  18. thepsyche

    Opening and closing submenu directly without player input

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could get help with a little logistical problem pertaining to my desired "Item Dissemble" functionality. I planned to use the YEP Item Disassemble plugin for this, but it doesn't quite cover my needs. The Item Disassemble plugin is only available through the...
  19. thepsyche

    Hiding actor details and removing them as targets in Battle Scene

    Hi everyone, I'm investigating a few different ways in which I can bring to life the Summon system I have planned for my game. I'm not going to go into the minutia of the whole thing here, but one facet of it involves using an actor slot and "adding" that party member to the current party in...
  20. thepsyche

    Determining Element of incoming attack in Buffs & States Core

    Hi there, I would like to create a state that checks for the type of elemental damage before damage is processed (in the Custom React Effect segment). Currently, I've been using: this.isPhysical() to determine whether a hit is Physical or not, not realizing that the "Physical" refers to Hit...

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