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  1. cuppedsunshine

    After conferring with some friends, I've decided to make a batch of magical girl themed...

    After conferring with some friends, I've decided to make a batch of magical girl themed illustrations! Unfortunately for me there's only like 1 premade outfit in MV that looks magical girl-ish for me to reference
  2. cuppedsunshine

    What would you like to see out of an illustration generator?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong spot, I wasn't really sure where to put it. ^^" I've decided to make a "generator" (really, it's a collection of .psd and .clip files that can be freely edited) for illustrations, because most of the generators I see are for walk cycles and whatnot and don't cover...
  3. cuppedsunshine

    Enya's Illustrations

    Hello! My name is Enya, and I'm an illustrator looking for (relatively) simple practice while I'm busy with school. My turnaround time is usually around a week or less, but it varies based on my energy and the complexity of what you're asking for. Right now I offer the following things all in...
  4. cuppedsunshine

    RMMZ In-editor or external CG generator plugin

    Thank you for letting me know! However, I'm not sure this would work for my purposes as part of what I plan to offer is not just regular actor data (faces, etc.) but also customizable cutscene illustrations and battle sprites. Also, I didn't mean that the player would necessarily be able to edit...
  5. cuppedsunshine

    RMMZ In-editor or external CG generator plugin

    Sorry for lack of clarification! I just want to make a character generator as an alternative, and when i said in-editor I meant along the lines of SumRndmDude's HUD editor that can run parallel to the editor (I haven't used it in a little while though, so I may be misremembering how it works!)...
  6. cuppedsunshine

    RMMZ In-editor or external CG generator plugin

    Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I am not asking anyone to make art for a generator! That part I plan to do myself- however, I don't know how to code whatsoever. Basically, I want to make a generator for face images, character illustrations, static battlers and busts to help devs who cannot...

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