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  1. MikePjr

    Suggestion Being able to put the STAR passibility on ANY TILE

    Description of the Feature: Being able to put the star passibility on any tile in any tilset, including auto tiles. Mockups: Rather than a mockup of the editor, I thought i'd show what such a thing could do for people. You can walk behind the walls if that was included...
  2. MikePjr

    Farewell everyone

    I never thought that I would make a thread like this, but I have to say goodbye. I'm too easily stressed here. I sort of left these forums before.. and i only came back because of the announcement of MZ. But im realizing i don't fit in here. And im realizing i don't get along with a lot of...
  3. MikePjr

    Graphics pen monitor suggestions?

    Let me start off by saying that, i'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask such a thing.. and I was a bit unsure.. But if this needs to be moved, please PM me and let me know where it gets moved to.. I lose track easily. I was wondering if anyone here does art and if so, do they use a...
  4. MikePjr

    A better plugin for tinting events.

    I have been looking for awhile for a plugin for tinting events. Anything from a light tint of color to full on like.. masking sort of like what you can do with pictures. But so far the only plugin i found was city shrimps tint event.. And it's so badly made.. i don't even understand how it's...
  5. MikePjr

    Check distance between player and event?

    I have been looking awhile now, and i can't seem to find a means to do this. But is there a way to check the distance between the player and an event, and tell the event to do something specific based on distance? For instance, what i am trying to do is a work around for the FPLE plugin, events...
  6. MikePjr

    Tileset swap plugin?

    I thought this plugin already existed, but i guess it does not. I'm looking for a plugin where i can swap out a tileset without having to call it from a list of made tilsets. Basically a means of swapping like a Tilset A image by way of an event using maybe a call script or something to that...
  7. MikePjr

    What is considered copyright infringement as far as art goes?

    I ask, because i been working long and hard on some battler graphics. They're inspired by the old 2D Final Fantasy graphics, but there 3 times the size, and i am drawing them by hand. If i decide to sell the game i'm making, i don't want Square Enix throwing copyright claims and C&D orders...
  8. MikePjr

    Mike's SV battler redesign.

    I redesigned the SV battler, so far just the male. I shrunk the head and changed up some of the poses, like standing and casting. Kinda went with an FF style. Anyone is welcome to use this.. do what ever with it.. I need to finish the female one but i have no clue when i will get...
  9. MikePjr

    [request] Disable the bluring/filtering/smoothing??

    I'd like to disable the bluring or smoothing or what ever it is. I changed up my tileset size to 16x16, and adjusted the resolution to match. But for some reason, i get this horrible bluring effect and i want to figure out how to disable it. There has to be a way. I'm having a similar issue...
  10. MikePjr

    I have a possibly crazy question to ask. OpenGL

    I was curious if there was a way to make MV use OpenGL and Not WebGl I ask cause WebGl does not support all the blending features in Pixi and it's annoying the H E Double Hockeysticks out of me! And i'm making games for PC only, not smart phones. So is it possible to switch the rendering over...
  11. MikePjr

    [REQUEST] Victory BGM plugin.

    I realize there is a victory aftermath plugin from Yanfly. But the only thing i want to use is the victory BGM, and there is no way to turn the rest off. So i thought i would request something here. I just need something where i can set a BGM for the victory rather than an ME. As it stands...
  12. MikePjr

    Battle template?

    Forgive me if it's been asked. I did do a search and came up empty handed. I just need to know what each row is for in the side view battler sheets. Which 3 are for idle and which 3 are for defending and casting and so on and for forth. Like a list saying what each row is for... it would...
  13. MikePjr

    [REQUEST] Window frame fix.

    So i started making window frames when i noticed this issue. I made this window style here and went to use it when i noticed something.. In Ace frames for the upper lower and left and right pieces would repeat.. but in MV it's making them stretch out like in the shot above. I know at...
  14. MikePjr

    Dashing anime different from walking.

    So this was an EASY fix back in Ace, but it's being problematic for me in MV. I will start by showing the code i have in Ace for this. In Game_CharacterBase #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Update Walking/Stepping Animation...
  15. MikePjr

    My only concern/legality of existing mods

    The only thing worrying me about ALL this, is the cool and awesome mods that no one is gonna be allowed to use now. There is a mod/patch that adds the ability to animate monsters, there's a patch/mod that allows cool lighting effect. And i heard a rumor about a mod that expands the color limit...
  16. MikePjr

    Pre-Rendered graphics?

    Let me start off by saying, i hope this is the right section.. if it's not, please move it to the correct one? I just need to know how to go about making graphics sort of like the ones used in the high fantasy packs.. Sort of, because i want to make some in a more anime style, i'm also wanting...
  17. MikePjr

    I'm curious about the KGC Bitmap Extension script

    I noticed all sorts of things... like the fallowing. # Interpolation Method IM_INVALID = -1 IM_DEFAULT = 0 IM_LOWQUALITY = 1 IM_HIGHQUALITY = 2 IM_BILINEAR = 3 IM_BICUBIC = 4 IM_NEARESTNEIGHBOR = 5...
  18. MikePjr

    The menu system i want to replicate.

    This is the menu system i want to replicate and i was hoping i could do this with Luna Engine. It's a video as i suck in writing out explanations of what i am trying to do. So far even with the luna engine, i'm still scratching my head a bit at what i'm doing.
  19. MikePjr

    How can the gauges be turned off?

    I hate making a single topic just to ask this, and maybe i missed the answer somewhere but i been looking. How in the H*LL do you turn the gauges off? I just don't want them, they have no place in the type of RPGs i make. Hell, i don't even use the TP stuff.... Also.. this has nothing to do...
  20. MikePjr

    I got my own questions, so thought i would ask.

    What sort of menu and windows can be modified or made and so forth? Say i want a window displaying the names of the monsters i am fighting, can i do that? What if i want to mimic the menu system from some older 16 bit games from the past, could I do that? For instance The 7th Saga aka Elnard...

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