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  1. Maldra

    RMMV Javascript Syntax to move battler back home and change opacity to full

    Hi, I currently have a "High Jump" ability that jumps the user up and brings their opacity down. I came across a bug that if the player dies from a DOT while in the air, they die and do not reappear where they normally stand. I already am using a plugin that runs a common event when an actor...
  2. Maldra

    RMMV Skill that adds a status to the enemy and the User

    I'd like to have a skill that adds a status affect to the enemy, and also adds a different status to the user. However, I do NOT want to cause damage to the enemy, and I do not want to show a 0. I know all about the a.addState(xx) in the damage formula, but that would require inputting a...
  3. Maldra

    Failed to create a distribution package.

    I'm having an issue with my deployment. I tried looking at some other threads and haven't seen anything relevant as of yet. I just completed an entire gameplay Playtest, and decided it was time to let a friend try out what I have so far, but I keep getting the "Failed to create a distribution...
  4. Maldra

    RMMV Party Limit Gauge - Using Variables

    I'm having an issue with this plugin due to an encounter in the game that forces out all party members for a temporary one. The temporary character is then defeated, bringing the party limit gauge to 0. What I'm trying to accomplish is to store the value of the party limit gauge as a variable...
  5. Maldra

    RMMV Yanfly Auto Passive States HP glitch

    I am seeing a glitch when it comes to using Yanfly's Auto Passive States. It appears to be working just fine until it is the end of the user's turn. I have one passive state that gives the user HP +5%. When you learn the skill, you can see the character's HP go up instantly! However, in...
  6. Maldra

    RMMV Need help with SRD Summon Plugin: Cannot read property 'getFloatHeight' of null

    I seem to be getting the error "Cannot read property 'getFloatHeight' of null" when the enemy single targets the wyvern, goes up to it and kills it. If the wyvern dies from an attack that targets all allies, I do not receive an error, and the wyvern dies and despawns normally. My SRD plugins...
  7. Maldra

    SRD Summon Core - Force a skill?

    I'm using SRD's Summon Core and I'm trying to have a summon automatically use a skill and then leave, similar to summons in most FF games (FF4, FF7, etc). The problem is, it seems nothing is working. I've tried about a million things. I've tried to have the summon skill trigger a common event...
  8. Maldra

    Passive Enemies on Water

    Hey all. Hoping someone can help me out with this.. I am trying to make some passive enemies on the water (jellyfish etc) so they wouldn't attack you unless you touch them. However, I also want them to move around. I tried a few different things but nothing seems to work. I tried doing a...
  9. Maldra

    Floating Status

    Hey all - I'm attempting to make a Float status similar to what is in FF games - the character floats in the air to avoid damage from below like a quake spell. I've got the map part figured out to avoid damage tiles when the character has float, and I don't care about the animation appearing to...
  10. Maldra

    Counter Control Message

    Hey all! I'm using Yanfly's Counter Control and I got the countering aspect to work, but it is not showing a message when counter as intended! I have the counter message true on the battle plugin, and I entered in <Counter Name: Evade and Counter> Any ideas why the message isn't showing up?
  11. Maldra

    Dark Knight

    Hey all! I am trying to implement a Dark Knight into my game, but I cannot find any black helmets anywhere online and I am terrible at making original art or editing art. If anyone has a matching black helmet sprite, battler, and face, you would be a life saver! Thanks in advance!
  12. Maldra

    RMMV Durandal

    Hey all, I've been developing a game called "Durandal". The gameplay can be compared to a Final Fantasy game like FF5. There is a class and subclass system and each character can change classes and subclasses anytime they are not in a cut-scene or battle (provided they have unlocked the class...
  13. Maldra

    Combining X and Y Coordinates into one variable

    Hey all, I'm attempting to code a hookshot into my game. I'm currently getting a variable for the player's location X and the player's location y, as hookshot location x and hookshot location y. I will be using terrain ID and get location info for most of the coding, but that does not take...
  14. Maldra

    Change Message Box Image File Based on Class

    Hey all, I've been looking for ways to change the image file in the message box based on what class a particular actor has. I've got the default menu image, the character walking animation and battler to all change thanks to some scripts out there, but am struggling with finding a solution for...

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