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  1. Slime Battler archetypes - animated via DragonBones

    Are there any plans for the Slime Buffer from the same set?
  2. RMMV Help w/ Dragonbones - Battler only idles, does no other motions

    Hello everyone! I am very very new to all this and was super excited when I finally got DragonBones to work, however my battler only idles (idling motion) but does not perform any of the other motions. The notetag has the following. <DragonBone Replace Sprite> <DragonBone Settings> Battler...
  3. Looking for RTP MV Clown Battler

    Hello! I searched Avery's list of missing rtp sprites but didn't find this one. It is for the Clown in "People 2" of the RTP for MV. Does anyone know of one floating around?

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