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  1. kiddeath95

    Resources(as in other resources)

    One thing that I get trouble in when making a game, is listing a bunch of resources. I'm mainly talking about stuff that you would mine for, or go farming for in some games. What are some resources that you all have noticed a lot in various games? Also, what resources would you like to see more...
  2. kiddeath95

    Testing Service!

    Hello! Welcome to my page! My service is free, for Game Testing Experience. What I can do for: Whether your game is finished and needs a finalized testing, or if it's just at the beginning (Must at least be at the point to where I can test it), I will test the game. Feedback! What was my...
  3. kiddeath95

    Tileset Question

    So, for Rpg maker vx ace, they don't have more than 2 layers for tiles. I was wondering if there was a way to edit this, so like "b" would be one layer, "c" would be another above that, etc... Would I be able to do that in scripting, or would that be part of the RVDATA2? Yes, I know about using...
  4. kiddeath95

    Shadow Gates Recruiting

    SHADOW GATES! You ask what the game is about? I will tell you what it is about. 100 Years ago, during the war between Olympus and the Underworld, one man from each side was banished with treason. They were cast down onto Earth, and the humans were furious, they hunted down these two like...
  5. kiddeath95

    Game Logo, Title, and a Team Logo

    Team Logo: So, the team logo, I want it of a black sun, with a zombie hand grabbing it. Game Logo: The game is based on darkness. So, black letters, "Akuma Academy". Giving off a blueish glow, as if it's radiating electricity. I would like it to look like there is blood dripping down from...
  6. kiddeath95


    Ok, I tried starting this on the Recruitment section, but for some reason it won't get accepted and idk why. So here I am. I'm looking for a scripter for my game.  some examples of the type of scripting would be : crafting, smithing, cooking, fishing day/night house buying alchemy system...
  7. kiddeath95

    Spriter and Scripter Needed

    World Turned To Dark I need someone who can sprite also I need a scripter.  The game is about a Demigod (The Player) being banished from home when he was first born, cause of the conflict between his father and his uncle. The father tried searching for him, but gave up and took all his rage...
  8. kiddeath95


    Not sure where to post this... I'd be glad to put you in the Credits of course. If you are willing to do sprites, facesets, tilesets or something, that be great. Looking for a person who can do the Art for the game or help with the Art at least.  (Not sure where to post this)
  9. kiddeath95

    Class Leveling

    I am needing a script or if it's done by variables and switches that will be fine. I want the classes to have levels and the skills. I want it to where the class reaches a certain level, it will advance the player into a stronger form of class but they have two different options for the classes...
  10. kiddeath95

    Character Selection

    I know there are some people who wants to know how to do this and there might be a Topic made for something like this but here is what it pretty much is.  At the beggining of the game when you select if you are a boy or girl and you choose who you are, that's basically what this does. The game...
  11. kiddeath95

    Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing Request

    Hi, can someone make me a sprite (animation) which ever you want to call it of the Sprite i'm attaching to this topic of them  A) Mining B) Cutting a tree C) Fishing E) Smithing (The Image of the Stone to smith on is attached to this topic)
  12. kiddeath95


    Hey! Obviously from where I'm posting this, I'm making a request. I am wanting to do a small Anime Game based off of a bunch of Animes. Can someone make some characters from some of the animes I am wanting to put into it? Message me and I'll tell you what the Animes are and the characters. Also...
  13. kiddeath95

    help with eventing

    not sure if this is the right place to post this or not, if not, then just redirect it to another topic. I had an event ready to go for using just variables where: I click on a rock, it says i need a pickaxe; then i go and open a chest that gives me a pickaxe and setting the variable "Pickaxe =...
  14. kiddeath95

    My Request

    Hi. I'm Making a game of course, like everyone else. I need help with a few things. 1) I'm trying to get an event to do this. -> Player walks up to the event(they do it themselves, like they see it laying on the ground), they click on the event and they receive an item, then the event...
  15. kiddeath95

    Card Game Script Help

    So i have a setup for what I want my cards to look like. During battle, i want there to have an option to be able to absorb creatures and enemies and then they will obtain an enemy, spell, or some other card from absorbing the enemy. and during battle, i want to be able to summon a creature or a...

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