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  1. LPMalakye

    Its been a while...

    Hello, It has been some time since I last used RPGM (Release of RMXP) I recently rejoined after the steam sales but after seeing the later RPGM releases I am kind of confused. I am sure its because I know little to nothing about the engines but why does it look like the graphical systems took...
  2. LPMalakye

    RMMV Super Dark Souls

    is the demo link broken? Id really like to get this plugin if its available
  3. LPMalakye

    Is there a program...?

    I was wondering if anyone in the community knew of a program (if one even exists) that allows you to create Manga (or cut scenes) that has a lot of (or decent amount) resources ? Such as poses, emotions, postures etc? If not is there a site or something I can search up(don't know the correct...
  4. LPMalakye

    Hello Everyone ^_^

    Hello Everyone,    It has been a while since I ran RPG Maker last and I am looking to sort of make a comeback and re-experience it. I mostly was using RMXP and played a little bit with the newest VX/Ace but since it has been out for a while I figure theres a lot of resources and tutorials now...

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