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  1. phteven

    RMMZ won't read my project files...?

    I've never encountered anything like this, I'd be worried something is up with your hard drive. You run running a data recovery program such as Disk Drill to try and retrieve the files. To prevent issues like this you should look into version control systems such as GIT or SVN. I personally use...
  2. phteven

    RMMV Dev Tool - Shift all Switches/Variables/Etc by X Slots

    This isn't really plugin material. The switches, variables and common events are an editor feature. The easiest way of doing this is opening the System.json file, and just manually adding your switches and variables, and then manually add your common events in the CommonEvents.json(Make sure to...
  3. phteven

    Quicksave Anywhere Function (That can't overwrite Save Points files)

    Quicksave.js Just add this to your plugins folder and enable it. I got too lazy to figure out how to prevent the user from saving over the file, but that wasn't a requirement. I'll look into it later and let you know if I figure it out. If you run into any issues just let me know and I'll fix them.
  4. phteven

    RMMZ Plugin for actor being only on party visually

    Awesome dude! Let me know when you finish it. If you have anymore plugin requests just shoot me a message and I'll see If I can make something happen.
  5. phteven

    RMMZ Plugin for actor being only on party visually

    I think I got something working for this. The first member of the party is only shown on the map. Menu screens and combat will just show the other members. Check it out here Nothing special with the plugin, just add it like normal. This should work well with other plugins too. If have you any...

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