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    RMMV Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token �

    I've had to put my game on ice for a few years due to other obligations. Version is MV 1.5.2 Just getting back to it now, and I have some strange issue when I attempt to play test it, I get the following error right off the bat. If I zero in on the contents of the debugger, I see the...

    Any ideas why adding localforage to rpg_managers.js and index.html cause game not to load

    Can anyone from RPG Maker MV or the community who knows about rpg_managers.js speak technical details as to why after making the edits to the rpg_managers.js file and index.html file as shown in the diff checker links below, the game does not load and instead presents a black screen? I am trying...

    Using localForage-cordovaSQLiteDriver w/ YEP_SaveCore.js and rpg_managers.js

    I successfully deployed localForage-cordovaSQLiteDriver to my RMMV ionic/cordova project. My SQLIte Database is now accessible and writable through the localForage-cordovaSQLiteDriver interface. I wrote a simple javascript file to test writing data to it and reading data from it, so that's...

    Question on "save game" file save location IOS

    When RMMV saves the game on a windows device, I believe the "save game" files such as file1.rpgsave, file2.rpgsave, etc are, by default, saved in the same folder as the compiled game.exe file, correct? What I need to know, is where is this default "save game" folder when the game is exported...

    Edit the default RMMV Message Window Size?

    I need to edit the default RMMV message Window size so that the default width is 1024 instead of the full screen. I found something that looks similar to what I am looking to do, but not quite...

    Script command to get the name of an enemy troop?

    Is there a script command that I can use to get the name of an enemy troop outside of battle processing mode and put it in a variable? For example, I have an enemy troop named Lunar Party that sits at enemy troop slot 0061. It contains 3 members but I don't care about the names of the...

    Text code to display Enemy Troop Name?

    At one point, I was using the following text code to display the name of an enemy troop in a text box. The contents of the text box said something like this: That stopped working and now the area is just blank. Is that a native RMMV text code or is that part of a 3rd party plugin I might...

    Get the display name of a map that is not the currently opened/loaded map?

    Quick question... is it possible to get the display name of a map that is not the currently opened/loaded map? For example, I'd like get the display name of map# 165 and save that name to a variable, while I am on map # 003. I found some good info on the following thread where it it shows how...

    Compress Yanfly in on both sides by 200px to 400px

    Does anyone have or know an easy way to compress the yanfly menu (the whole menu) so that its smaller on both sides by 100px to 200px? Ideally I need to shrink it so its less of a rectangle and more of a square. If I can kill 200px on each side, that would be great. Hopefully someone knows of...

    Plugin to move a right justified Choice Box a specified number of pixels to left?

    In RMMV, there is a choices box component that folks often use for Yes/No and other choices as shown below. The default placement options for this box are left, middle, and right as shown in the RMMV IDE Does anyone have a plugin or has plugin code that can move the box a specified number...

    Using Ateiler & Yanfly Together?

    Hello, Has anyone successfully incorporated the full suite (or close to it) of Ateiler HUD Plugins With the full suite of Yanfly ( plugins for everything else? Just wondering if anyone has a the "magic" order of plugin...

    Black Box Appearing Over Characters in Battle But only on iPhone

    I am encountering a strange anomaly and was hoping someone may be able to help. I am using the default IconSet.png file and am using Yanfly Plugins and have side view battle enabled. When on PC, the battle looks proper and everything is as expected. However, when exported to iPhone/iPad there...

    Centaur Enemy/Troop Battler Resources?

    Has anyone created Centaur looking Battler Resources or know of any Centaur looking battler resources that can be used for Enemy and Troop Battle Images? I am looking for an assortment of centaur battlers that can be used free commercially and non-commercially with proper credits of course. If...

    Is RPGMaker MV Compatible with Ionic Framework?

    I know the RPGMaker MV instructions explain how to export a game into a IOS Cordova Platform Project. My question is "Is RPGMaker MV" game project export also compatible with Ionic Framework ? Meaning, can I create an Iconic Framework Cordova Project instead of a...

    Question on Windows from MADO in MV

    Just bought MADO + Saiken Set and created some windows in MADO. I'm using RPGMaker for MAC via Steam. I followed the helpfile instructions for exporting them but I can't seem to figure out how to actually "implement" or use the windows in the project I exported them to. The instructions/help...

    Any way to do a Game_Variables.getValue in JS?

    I have been looking at the MV JavaScript references here and via the command reference shown below, and I don't see a way to use Javascript to GET the value stored in an MV variable. Has anyone done this or does anyone know how to get the value of say MV...

    Recommendations for video creation tool?

    I'd like to make some scrolling text videos, and use special fonts and/or graphics and include those videos in some of my games. I looked at adobe and some other tools, but they are overkill for what I need to do and I was hoping to find something fast and simple to use. Does anyone have any...

    IOS Projects Do Not Work

    RPGMaker MV Now Has Major problems with current versions of Apple IOS Technologies. I am using MacOS Sierra and have Xcode Version 9.0 (9A235) I created a new project as a basic test. I followed the instructions from RPGMaker MV documentation on Converting to an IOS App verbatim. It...

    Migrate All Default Maps from VX Ace to MV

    I really like the built-in sample maps that exist in VX Ace. I would like very much to use ALL of them in MV. I own licenses to all the RPG Maker Applications, including VX Ace and MV. Is there a way I can simply export the ALL default maps as they exist in VX in the sample maps folder...

    Scrolling Text Customization

    A few quick questions about the RPGMaker MV Scrolling Text Object. When my game screen is square (400x400) I can center the scrolling text object text by manually placing spaces at the beginning of each line (very inefficient). However, I extended the screen using YEP_CoreEngine Plugin (that's...

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