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  1. Is it possible to change the default battle system in VX Ace?

    Hi all, I am making a game in VX Ace, and all of the battles are those turn based ones that happen automatically. This is great for pokemon style games and stuff like that. BUT, how would I get it so that the player can directly attack an enemy with a laser gun without having it turn based? The...
  2. Who else is making a game set in the modern world?

    I'm quite enjoying the process of making the tilesets. I've done the flooring and walls, stairs...etc. Now I get to make modern furniture and appliances, everything from a bathroom suite to a vaccum cleaner. I'm even going to do an animated screen for the TV so it looks more realistic, and a...
  3. Making my own tilesets

    Okay, I was starting to get a good feel for how VX works, and decided to make a few resources of my own for the game. Then I had the super brilliant idea to make entire tilesets all of my own. I've made a lovely tileset for brick and panelled houses of various colour schemes, and I am making...
  4. Does anyone know where I could have gone wrong?

    I'm trying to make a casino/betting shop for one of the villages in my game. The first game I am making is a simple game of chance, basically, it's a dice roll where the player must roll a 6 to triple their 20G bet, 1-5 loses. I set the variable I called 'dice roll' as 1-6. It's rolling 0 every...
  5. Can anyone send me a copy of the original iconset please?

    I wanted to add a fishing rod Icon I had drawn so I decided to edit the iconset and copy/paste my addition into it, but... I didn't copy and paste the original anywhere, even worse, the iconset never showed the fishing rod, and the background lost it's transparency somehow and it is all showing...
  6. Farming and fishing.

    Farming seems pretty popular in a lot of games (I used to play farmville, you can farm some things on animal crossing, and it's a necessary part of minecraft too), I'm thinking of perhaps adding something like that as a sideline for the player to farm goods and sell them for gold. I am planning...
  7. Is it possible to make a large sprite and get it to work in VX Ace?

    I intend the sprite in question to be a whale. I was thinking it should fit into a 3 x 3 tile grid (92 pixels squared). Is it true that as long as a sprite fits inside a grid, it will work regardless of it's size, or is there a maximum size that is allowed by the program? I haven't drawn it yet...
  8. Needing some help with Gimp

    Okay, I downloaded Gimp, but I find the program extremely confusing. It took me over 15 minutes just to find where the colour palletes were, and I still can't fathom out the brushes and why every time I place a pixel it is blurred and partially translucent. It looks like a good professional...
  9. This website is selling RPG Maker VX Ace cheaply, is it legit? Until recently, I thought that the cheapest current price was £35, but I've found it for under a tenner. Excited as I am because I could afford that right now, I am also very wary of things which look too good to be true. I...
  10. Having a problem with making doors...

    Okay, I can't find any doors in the default tilesets, so I have decided to make my own in pixilart. I made a small tileset of three doors, imported them, but for some reason I can't use them. RPG Maker Ace is not allowing me to select that tileset and there is a red dot by it. Does this mean i...
  11. Hi everyone

    Hi all, I'm Helen, and I'm new to game dev. Very interesting in trying out RPG Maker, as it has a lot of good reviews. I have a few ideas for games I want to make, but I think those discussions are for the ideas forum.
  12. Which version of RPG Maker should I buy?

    Okay, I'm new here, so if I have posted this in the wrong forum, apologies to the mods. I have spent around a week exploring Intersect, and I've been told by someone over on their forums that their engine is geared towards multiplayer RPGs which are played on the internet. It is a brilliant tool...

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