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  1. dinomanjj

    Orange Time System

    Thank you very much. With this and many other plugins people will be able to make rpg's similar to Skyrim.
  2. dinomanjj

    Orange Time System

    Can this slowly change the coloring to make the lighting seem to change, such as in the morning it would have an orange-ish tint, day would be normal, evening would have a red-ish tint, and night would be a blu-ish purple-ish tint making it appear night
  3. dinomanjj

    Manage Dashing

    I'm wondering, could you expand on this and make so you could disable mouse movement altogether? Also an idea you could do is to make a plugin that can change the controls for those who prefer "WASD" for movement over the arrow keys.
  4. dinomanjj

    SnowMV - Simple Gathering

    This seems to be a great plugin, my only problem is that there is no crafting plugin to go with it yet. Maybe it would be a great idea for you to make one to go with this, or add crafting as a feature with this one.

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