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  1. Ninjakillzu

    Position choice box

    I just need a small script that allows me to reposition the choice box and is compatible with Modern Algebra ATS: Choice Options. I tried out a different script, but it had a part that messed with the width of the choice box. ATS: Choice Options allows the choice box to automatically resize...
  2. Ninjakillzu

    Lighting Systems, Lag, and a Dilemma

    I've been in the process of changing my battle system to Victor's Map Turn Battle, but I have run into major issues with my current lighting script. I am currently using CSCA Light Effects. Main issue: All lights turn off when a map battle starts. This is most likely due to an incompatibility...
  3. Ninjakillzu

    Victor's Map Battle and prerequisite script troubles (VX ACE)

    I thought it would be cool to have on map battles in my game instead of using the boring VX Ace battle background (for which I can't find any good battlebacks), but I am running into issue after issue. 1. All my map lighting disappears when a battle starts. It's like a switch turns them off. My...
  4. Ninjakillzu

    Map in menu

    I'm looking for a script that allows the player to view the in-game map in the menu. I've searched around for a good VX Ace one, but I haven't found much. I've been trying to get this to work (just the map menu part), but it's difficult to implement...
  5. Ninjakillzu

    How do I reduce hit chance before damage calculation?

    I'm using VX Ace. I have a method of already doing this, but it doesn't always work as intended. I use the "add state" to the actor in the damage formula, and the state then reduces hit chance until the end of the turn. The problem is that sometimes the state doesn't get added to the actor fast...
  6. Ninjakillzu

    Do you make custom battle systems or base battle systems on existing games?

    I'll admit I have a hard time coming up with unique battle systems. My projects often have their battle systems based on existing games. For instance, Collector uses a system similar to D&D and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. An unnamed fantasy RPG I am also working on has a battle...
  7. Ninjakillzu

    RMVXA How do you feel about playing comedic projects?

    I have about 3 or so projects I have been working on. Collector is the main one, but I have also been working on two fantasy ones. One of the fantasy projects is made for laughs. It's not serious at all, and is not going to be long in game time. It's very dialogue heavy, and will probably just...
  8. Ninjakillzu

    looking for a script where items can only be used by certain actors/classes

    In my project, I have several types of consumable items. There are medical kits, which are only supposed to heal humans/animals, and robot repair kits, which are only supposed to heal robots/mechanical beings. I have tried using several existing scripts, but none work exactly how I want it to...
  9. Ninjakillzu

    Can't figure out how to use Napoleon's Minimap script

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I just can't get this to work. I've copied the script directly and followed the install instructions to the letter, but the minimap just doesn't show up. I have a map called Map009 in my Graphics/Minimap folder. I've even tried putting the script call...
  10. Ninjakillzu

    Crash related to Window_MapName

    I've run across a weird crash, which I'm not sure what's causing it. If I use the transfer function to move the player to a different part of a map, it gives me a "no method error" crash.
  11. Ninjakillzu

    How to help players remember to save?

    I'm sure this has been asked before, since it's a common issue. Currently I use "save anywhere" in my projects, including my current demo. I have noticed that some people forget to save, then they die and lose progress. What are some ways I can help people to remember to save?
  12. Ninjakillzu

    RMVXA [DEMO v0.0.66] Collector (Open World Cyberpunk RPG)

    CONTENT WARNING: Contains violence, blood, strong language, use of drugs and alcohol, and suggestive themes. This game may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Genres: Cyberpunk, Futuristic, Western RPG, Open World The year is 2159. New Avalon is a vast city...
  13. Ninjakillzu

    "Unable to find file" for custom ogg sound.

    I wanted to add some custom firearm sounds to my game, so I got some WAV files and converted them to OGG. I then imported one to "SE" for testing, but it plays no sound when crafting the animation. If I test the sound in the game, it crashes and gives the "unable to find file' error. I have...
  14. Ninjakillzu

    How do I use Yanfly Lunatic Damage?

    I must be blind, because I can't figure how how to use the script. It tells me to add <custom damage: string> to the notebox, but if I use something like <custom damage:TOXIC COMBAT BLADE>, I then have to put when /TOXIC COMBAT BLADE/i value += example formula somewhere in the script. I don't...
  15. Ninjakillzu

    Item Class Restriction script causing crashes "NoMethodError"

    There is a script I'm trying to use for my project, Szyu Item Class Restrictions, but I keep getting a "NoMethodError" crash. Line 113 in the Szyu script is causing the crash. Line 113 is this...
  16. Ninjakillzu

    RMVXA How do you create a magic system that both works mechanically well and conceptually well within the game world?

    This is something I've had a huge struggle with. I keep trying to come up with a magic system that both creates interesting gameplay, as well as being believable in the game world. Here are some various incarnations I've come up with for my fanatsy RPG concept. Runegems (this has had a bunch of...
  17. Ninjakillzu

    Limiting what equipment players can purchase in an open world game.

    My main project will have separate "city districts" that you can traverse, either through the streets themselves or the metro system. Of course, the issue with that is how do you limit what shops characters have access to, especially if most districts will be accessible from the start of the...
  18. Ninjakillzu

    How many projects do you work on at the same time?

    As of now, I am currently working on 3 different projects with several others on the back burner. I'm even in the mood to start a revamped version of a few old projects that never got far. I think I may have a problem with starting too many projects, but I can't help it, especially if fun ideas...
  19. Ninjakillzu

    Casper CSCA Encyclopedia Crash

    I've been having a crash related to Casper's CSCA Encyclopedia, when I kill a certain enemy. Here's the backtracer log. Casper - CSCA Encyclopedia:1475:in `csca_set_defeated': undefined method `+' for nil:NilClass, NoMethodError from Casper - CSCA Encyclopedia:1758:in...
  20. Ninjakillzu

    Floating Name Displayed Above Event

    I would like a script which allows you to have text displayed above specific events. I have been using Theo's Interact Hover Notification to achieve what I want, but it's been causing a lot of lag on larger maps, even...

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