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  1. kartersaint

    Editing own submission is now possible

    Except download link or game title. It would be a great chance for the people either who didn't upload the media perfectly or who want to put latest download link in the description.   Just want to let you know about this. Time to polish your own game's explanation! 
  2. kartersaint

    The Delusion

    "You are the one who got imprisoned in the chamber without knowing anything about yourself, but what if you made a decision to be free yourself? But what if... the truth behind yourself is gruesome to believe? And... what if...... there are the people who're having absolutely different ways from...

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Where would you go if you're looking to hire someone on here? I'm in need of a writer to take my story concept and turn it into npcs/dialog in my game.
Evening humans! How goes the game make?
The anime characters we saw 20 years ago,
still have the same age when we see them now.
Somehow it's strange but also beautiful.
It's like no matter how much we change,
there's certain part of ourselves we can reconnect to when we see them again.
Took a long, long time, way longer than it should to be honest...but I've finally finished the big content update to my demo!
Lots of not good things happening IRL but I'm not gonna let this day end like this. Quote time:
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." -Winston Churchill

So, keep going, lads. Whatever you do keep going. Until next time.

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