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  1. Arctica

    What drives you to make a game? If it's free, what's the point? If you charge for it, why?

    #1 thing is the nigh limitless control I have over the creation process.
  2. Arctica

    Rules Ideas That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread

    @ATT_Turan For once, you read way too deep into that.
  3. Arctica

    Rules Ideas That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread

    That is too big of a scope for one person to undertake...but if you wanna do that, it's your call.
  4. Arctica

    Mechanics you dislike

    Padded boss fights with the intention of making that part of the story feel more intense. Best example is a particular boss in FFXIV who I wont name, the dude has bloated HP and even with the best gear you can get, the fight takes 15~20 minutes.. Point and click world maps - I really hate those.
  5. Arctica

    RMMV How to remove hard cap on RMMV?

    There has been folks who abused the helpers, so you have to forgive some who are a bit on edge when they see what appears to be familiar behaviour. It is best to show everything containing the problem, so a solution can be extrapolated from that and not worry about, for example, someone stealing...
  6. Arctica

    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Pardon me, my brain is running at 35% and I should sleep, so I can only offer something a bit middle of the road for you: You could set up an array with each element being the IDs and parse them through a loop and use $gameVariables.value(array[index])(might be a cleaner way of doing that) and...
  7. Arctica

    Can't make a skill do minimum amount of damage.

    For your formula to work as is, you'd have to use a bigger multiplier, but this doesn't account for the possibility that you create a mob with a defense that'll still exceed the attacker's strength.
  8. Arctica

    Rpg story cliches you hate?

    Ah yes, getting blasted for 12,000 damage by Ultimate Attack and surviving it in battle, then moments later being killed by a dagger in a cutscene and now dead forever. Logic doesn't always play nice with RPGs for sure.
  9. Arctica

    RMMZ What's The Basic Of Making RPG Maker MZ plugins?

    Also make good use of what I consider to be the greatest thing about JS: The browser console. You don't need to setup IDEs/compilers to run JS code and you can see everything that might've gone wrong right there, rather than having to find out 'later'.
  10. Arctica

    What damage formulas do you use?

    Changed mine. Every point of magic attack is added to the damage, so no need to sacrifice points to get multipliers. If I want bigger numbers in the later levels, I can just use a bigger spell power. Magic defense caps at 51 % still. Also blah blah must account for mobs not having levels again...
  11. Arctica

    Advice you don't agree with?

    I figured it was something like that on my own. One day I thought "ya know, my names are literal and a bit longy, there's no way there would be a conflict. " Anyhow, I'm also not a fan of the no RTP thing and I also think it borderlines on being a misconception. I downloaded 4 tile assests...
  12. Arctica

    Suikoden V actually has a game breaking bug at the last dungeon where one of the pillars will...

    Suikoden V actually has a game breaking bug at the last dungeon where one of the pillars will not raise even if you step on the right pad. There's no way out either.
  13. Arctica

    What damage formulas do you use?

    Yes you're right, that's a typo and should be a.mat. Admittedly I wrote that while half awake.
  14. Arctica

    What damage formulas do you use?

    After so long, I've come up with a formula for base spell damage. ((mag * spellTier) + level) * (spellPower / 4) spellTier = e.g. Ice I, Ice II, Ice III... Mag x 1, 2, 3, etc. Weapon damage, resistances, bonuses not accounted for. The whole thing was built around keeping a tier 1 spell's...
  15. Arctica

    Some people are still using 2003. The thing is there's more than one engine, so it really boils...

    Some people are still using 2003. The thing is there's more than one engine, so it really boils down to what engine works for you.
  16. Arctica

    Rpg story cliches you hate?

    Also Chrono Cross' true last boss ain't the last boss. The 'last boss' was more or less a big nod to Chrono Trigger. Infinite Undiscovery made all kinds of no sense to me and is a good example of a bad guy(Leonid) is actually minion of bigger bad guy who mad that his people ban hammered him. It...
  17. Arctica

    Rpg story cliches you hate?

    So you appreciate that a character has a purpose and said purpose is fleshed out and stays that way and is not hijacked by other characters that have absolutely no relevancy to the story other than "we need a build up to the last boss". Oh you would not like Granstream Saga, or Thousand Arms...
  18. Arctica

    Rpg story cliches you hate?

    Grandia III did something I didn't expect and as a result has the best ending I've ever seen from an RPG. More often than not the world is saved and they're the biggest deal of all deals but nothing really special happens. . .
  19. Arctica

    What are the absolute best stealth games?

    Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven is the epitome of stealth.
  20. Arctica

    Your favorite RPG class?

    Anything that deals with magic, healing in particular.

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