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  1. Arctica

    RMMZ Battle ends way too fast when using an alias.

    Here is the original method: BattleManager.checkBattleEnd = function() { if (this._phase) { if (this.checkAbort()) { return true; } else if ($gameParty.isAllDead()) { this.processDefeat(); return true; } else if...
  2. Arctica

    RMMZ Text overlapping issues with windows

    I don't know how to update a value in window without it constantly drawing. I have a status effect system that kills the target after 10 turns(there's a way to remove the effect) and a timer appears above their heads letting the player know how many turns they have left. If the current...
  3. Arctica

    RMMZ Is there a way for a method to continuously run without needing a window object?

    I'm working on a game clock and the problem is that I'm having to rely on an "invisible"(no width/height and is closed for all eternity) window in order to use the update so that my clock method(the one that does the time calculations, not the actual clock display which uses a visible window) is...
  4. Arctica

    RMMZ how to change font size?

    I'm trying to the change the font size of text inside a window, and there doesn't seem to be a straight forward way to do so.
  5. Arctica

    RMMZ How to add window to the battle screen.

    I'm not sure why it's not appearing in game like the other windows(partyCommand, ActorCommand and the StatusWindow (character faces, names, hp/mp/tp, etc), despite writing the methods in an almost identical way. I suspect it has to do with the windows not actually being added, though the...
  6. Arctica

    Is applying a stat to just one specific actor possible?

    I have a new stat that I've added to the Game_BattleBase.prototype.initmembers(via alias), and as such it adds that stat to all actors of Game_Actor and Game_Enemy since they all inherit properties from this. What I want is for an actor to have that stat only, is this possible?
  7. Arctica

    elementsMaxRate issue.

    Game_Action.prototype.elementsMaxRate = function(target, elements) { // attackElements() determines whether this condition runs or not, should the target have any. if (elements.length > 0) { // When a target is attacked, their elementRate is returned as an //...
  8. Arctica

    Possible to add a new Damage Type in the Skill section of the Database?

    Is there anyway to add a new damage type to that drop down? I see all the code in the files necessary to create the damage type I want, but it I can't find a way to implement the name of the damage type into that drop down.

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