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  1. edit: Nevermind, remove this thread.

    edit: Never mind I just noticed how Victor takes commissions. If it's not too expensive and he has wants to and can do it I might just do that instead.
  2. What's up with events?

    yeah, I thought so. I understand Victor.  But your suggestion is what I tried this morning(only basic module and Victor's script, but that didn't work. I'm going to try to make a new project and try again Thanks for the tip. Also, I noticed you can't edit your comments on Victor's site...I...
  3. MSS - Correct Sprite Display

    So I can't have RPG Maker XP Sprites and his battlesystem? I've always used his ''Atoa custom battle system'' in Rpg maker XP, The thing that made me buy Ace is that he stopped with those scripts and started scripting for VX Ace, only to find out the mapping was horrible. So I tried the whole...
  4. What's up with events?

    Yeah, that's what I did. It does work without it. So I asked Victor: Me: ''So I put an event on an impassable Tile. I put it on ”action button ” and priority ”same as cjaracter” If I stand next to the impassable tile( A pillar in this case) and press the action button a message should pop...
  5. RPG maker vx ace sprite help

    What is a MACK sprite, exactly?
  6. What's up with events?

    Ooh, It's victors Pixel movement script. never expected that, I've always used pixel movement scripts in xp without any problems. edit: It says in the script in comments: ''Event Comment boxes note tags:#   Tags to be used on events Comment boxes.##  <move steps: x>#   Setup the number of...
  7. What's up with events?

    It acts like this regardless of the priority :( I put an event on a pillar thingie  from rpg maker XP Woods the tileset, and when I press the action button it's supposed to show text, a reaction from the character to the object.But it only happens if I place it where the character can walk.
  8. What's up with events?

    Sorry for the amount of threads I make xP. Anyways: In RMXP if I place an event on an object I can't walk trough, I have to stand next to it while facing it , press the action button and it will work. In VX Ace however, It seems I have to stand exactly ON the event itself or it won't work...
  9. Tree shadows different after photoshop editing?

    I guess this is what happened. I fixed it within photoshop, however, now when I walk to certian places on the map my character sprite get's really bright, and than when I go off of that tile it's dark again 0.o. Is that supposed to happen? 
  10. MSS - Correct Sprite Display

    Oops , sorry. I'm well aware of that, but I didn't pay attention. Didn't do it on purpose, I'll watch it next time. edit: The crash now happens when randomly walking around, I noticed now. The scripts I have are: MSX - XP Characters on VX/VXAce Mobychan's Script System - Correct Sprite...
  11. Tree shadows different after photoshop editing?

    So I made my first parralax map(just to test) In RPG Maker VX Ace.  I converted an XP Tileset to a VX Ace one. However, the shadows of the trees in the parallax background are the color they should be, while the converted tileset has a darker shadow color. It looks really strange, and I'm not...
  12. Map to PNG For Rpg maker XP and VX Ace

    After searching for a while I finally found one! please lock this thread.
  13. MSS - Correct Sprite Display

    I'm sorry to bother you, but when I can walk outside of the screen to the right and downwards, and when I do so I get the error: ''Script 'Correct Sprite Display' Line 84: TypeError occured. No implicit conversion from nil to integer. edit: Turns out, it was just because I didn't set up my...
  14. Map to PNG For Rpg maker XP and VX Ace

    Thanks for that. Now I just need one for XP. I decided to post my thread in the VX Ace forums since I wanted both and there were no topics in the rmxp board at all 0.o.
  15. Map to PNG For Rpg maker XP and VX Ace

    I want to make a map in Rpg Maker XP and use it as a paralax map, Which is why I want a script or program that can export an RMXP map to an image file. I'd also like a script or program that can export rpg maker VX Ace maps to a png image(or any image file), since that could also come in handy...
  16. MSS - Correct Sprite Display

    Thank you so much  for this script, exactly what I needed. I hope this is compatible with Victor's Scripts, but I'll find that out later. the same goes for the script that makes me able to use RPGXP characters by just putting a symbol in the...
  17. Tileset not acting like I want it to.

    Which I did. Well technicly, the creators/publishers(the website layout was pretty different) gave me an XP key for free. I gave my dad the money and he bought Rpg maker xp online for me. However, they e-mail with the key wouldn't arrive for months. He took back his money. Eventually we...
  18. Tileset not acting like I want it to.

    Oh I see, it's a resource pack. So in that resource pack there are scripts that are able to do what I'm looking for? Which High Fantasy Resource packs do I need to buy for this functionality?
  19. Tileset not acting like I want it to.

    This is Rpg maker VX Ace. I converted the XP Tileset the a Vx Ace tileset and used an xp character with a script.(not sure if this is allowed for non commercial use, I hope so) I opened my XP and VX Ace at the same time and out exactly the same settings on the tileset in VX Ace. Tough walking...

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