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  1. eivl

    Text Input Window

  2. eivl

    Damage formula using Yanfly's Lunatic

    you are missing an s, it is $gameVariables
  3. eivl

    Navigate menu from console

    While the console is open, is it possible to navigate the game menu just from console?
  4. eivl

    Yami_8DIR Plugin for MV not working?

    You can not move diagonally using the mouse with that plugin.
  5. eivl

    RMMV JavaScript Unofficial Bugfix Snippets

    I have written about this somewhere else in October, but TL;DR is that you need to to one of the following, reduce the cache (or clear it) or decouple the prototype chain of unused objects in memory so that it will be picked up by the garbage collector.  I would be happy to assist since this is...
  6. eivl

    Dash Stamina

    Thanks! I liked the idea of disabling it via notetag. would you mind if i copied it and gave you credit?
  7. eivl

    Mini Map

    Ahh.. thank you for clarifying it for me. now that you say it is for pixel colors i do see it. 
  8. eivl

    Mini Map

    Looks nice! i am wondering about this.  if ($gameMap.checkPassage(i, j, 0x0f))Since the bit operator is  if ((flag & bit) === 0)   // [o] Passablereturns true and then you color your map accordingly.  since 0x0f only needs the flag to be b0000xxxx to return 0, and since you use Uint8Array...
  9. eivl

    RMMV MMO Devkit with Nodejs +

    the activate link is to should it not be to your own server? Sorry for double post, this can be deleted.
  10. eivl

    RMMV MMO Devkit with Nodejs +

    How interesting ;) will have to look into this! ;) EDIT : the activate link is to should it not be to your own server?
  11. eivl

    Dash Stamina

    @SilverDash thanks for it. Have not tested it, read your script quickly from work ;)
  12. eivl

    PIXI V2 to PIXI V3

    How can this be reproduced?
  13. eivl

    Dash Stamina

    I am also writing a stamina plugin, we are doing a lot of the same thing. What i can see as differences is that i have the regeneration of the stamina bar to happen as long as the actor is not moving, and holding shift does not matter. I like that you change color when it gets depleted or...
  14. eivl

    Gameus' Quest System

    GameusScripts["Config"]["QuestSystem"]["Use Icons"] is undefined, is there anything wrong?  Problem solved, saved the js with the wrong name.
  15. eivl

    Stamina bar

    Thanks, i have done all the variable manipulation, i just need to draw graphics, i will look into how the health bar and see what i find out!
  16. eivl

    Stamina bar

    Oh, it is on the map. I will use it to limit the amount of time you can dash. 
  17. eivl

    Stamina bar

    I want to make a stamina bar, i know how to do the logic in javascript, but i have almost no experience in drawing graphic. So, any ideas on where i should start?
  18. eivl

    Pixi Upgrade

    What is the main difference between V3 and V2? I know that v3 has been rewritten completely, but what are the features? eivl
  19. eivl

    Communicating with a server via API Calls and/or JSON

    Can you communicate with a server from within a game? I don't know about any limitations in MV, but if there is none, you should be able to read data from an external server that delivers JSON. Could you also do API calls as well?

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