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  1. 'Types' Discussion

    I'll use my game I'm developing as an example, but this is generally a question all around to any game.  What do you(the community) feel about the different types in most rpgs? I've been running into rpg after rpg where weapons all do the same kind of 'physical' damage, but where is the...
  2. Character Creation System

    Okay, After realizing that there is a 1000 actor limit to the rpg maker MV,  & Having been working on a simple 'character creation' system using variables and 'choices' I was coming up with such a hard predicament that in the end, there would be over 3000 actors needed just because of simple...
  3. Statistic balancing

    I do not have much to offer, but I can if need be. (PM ME) recently, I had been working for countless hundreds of hours getting a lot of the game's backbone mechanics down, until I decided to register onto this site, and discovered Yanfly (TY!!!) which after a lot of study, I've incorperated...
  4. Hi All!!!

    Hello everyone. I just recently obtained RPG Maker MV from my brother that bought it for me since I showed a lot of interest in it. anyways, I did wanna get into this, and already have put well over 200+ hours into it(I know I know... its not that much..and what makes me happy is, I don't see...

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