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  1. Raedwulfo

    [FEBRUARY 27 [UPDATE]] Anime-Cartoonish Face Expressions By Raedwulfo

    This is another Contribution for rpg maker mv character generator i hope you like it i'm doing my best to do the face expressions and match them with the generator [UPDATE] i added a new mouth  Added a new set of funny anime eyes emotes  i hope you liked it :D!
  2. Raedwulfo

    [UPDATE [FEBRUARY 26]] Face Gen Beard Stubble and Thick Eyebrows also added new beards and eyebrows

    This is my first Contribuition for rpg maker mv character generator i hope you like it :D well i use to draw my male characters with thicker eyebrows than the character generator so i made a new thick pair of eyebrows i hope you like it also i made a beard style :P [UPDATE]...

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